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We are very fortunate to live by so many great parks. Some are city run, some county, and even a National Metro Parks. There have so many different amazing things for kids and adults that we don't take advantage of enough. We live in North Ohio close to Cleveland. There are so many outdoor places to go within an hours drive. We have been to a few of these places this summer and are hoping to hit up a few more before school starts after Labor Day.

Last week I took the kids to Carlisle Reservation in LaGrange right off route 10 and 301. We had previously only been to Carlisle during the holidays for the Halloween Fair with the family friendly haunted trail and Christmas walk. This time we went to check out their children's nature trail. 

The children's nature trail is a paved trail that goes around a pond, has a few bridges and is a short .035 mile walk.

Along the path there are different fun activities for the kids to do. Here you are following different paths to be eaten by different animals. It shows you have the circle of life works from a mouse to a snake to a bird.

Ella's favorite part of the trail was the book trail. Tip Toe Joe was a cute fun book to read as we walked.

Ella also found a kindness stone. 

She hid it someone else in the park for another kid to find. 

Fly to the flowers was a fun jumping path.

Throughout the paths were trees that had faces. 

The best part of the children's nature trail is the little cabins with different themes. Inside each cabin was little seats and something to play with or read. 

Before we left we also checked out the outdoor Raptor Zone. Here houses 9 birds that have been birds that were born in the wild but got injured and can no longer survive in the wild. My kids enjoyed seeing all the birds.

Ella found a little library by the Raptor Zone. She was disappointed that all the books were adult books however.

We had a fun time at Carlisle Reservation. They want to go back again and bring Brian along to show him everything they found. They were both so excited to tell him everything when we  got home. 

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