Mom Life at Home August Part 1

 Hey friends. Happy Friday. It is already the end of the second week of August. It has been a busy month with a lot going on. It has also been a while did I did a Mom Life at Home post. 

Saturday August 1

Our weekend started with grabbing bagels and coffee then heading to the park to eat and play on the playground. 

My kids love running up the big hill and rolling down. They found another path to get to it and have to check it out.

After the playground we hit up the farmers market and wondered around the outdoor mall. (yes I did have my mask on, I took it off for the picture) 

It started to rain so we headed home. Brian had some work to do and I got my workout done. 

Sunday August 2

Sunday turned into haircut day. My sister stopped by to get her daughters and herself a haircut. (pros and cons of being a hairdresser0

I also talked Ella into getting hers cut too. She really needed it. The knots had been horrible to comb through.

I cut a good 4 inches off and she ended up loving it. It has been so much easier for her to take care of herself, plus it has bounced up her waves.

While I was at it I also trimmed Audrianna's hair. I actually did her first because she wanted up in the chair.
Brian, Austin, and my girlfriends daughter also got haircuts that day.

Brian made this for dinner. Beef short ribs. It was soo good.

Monday August 3

Austin started back to summer camp after being off for a little over a month due to his surgery. 

While Austin was at school, Ella, Audrianna, and I enjoyed some mother daughter daughter time at the park before it started to storm. This was Audrianna's first time on this spring toy.

Also her first time in this type of swing. She had so much fun.

Ella's favorite thing to do at the play ground is the monkey bars. 

I ordered Audrianna some much needed zip-a-dee-zip sleeper. I didn't realize her purple one was a 3-6 month sleep but it still fit her until the last week or so it was to small. I ordered her a 12-24 months. It is huge compared to the old one. 

She has so much more room in it and loves it. (She is sleeping better with it too)

Daddy's little girl. So happy that she stole his hat and was wearing it.

Tuesday August 4

We have started a new routine. After lunch before the kids are back on their tablets, video games, or TV we are spending time together reading. This only works on days Austin doesn't have school but has been working pretty well. 

Audrianna will sit and flip through her books.

Aubriella has picked a mermaid chapter book. We are reading a chapter a day.

Austin picks 3-4 books and we read them. He also loves look and find books that we do after his reading.

World Breastfeeding Week. Remembering the moments, the struggles, the joy, ...

Wednesday August 5

Audrianna had to have a procedure done to see if she has kidney reflux like Austin. It was suppose to be an hour appointment in an our. We ending up waiting 2 hours before we were even taken back for the procedure. Thankfully she didn't have to fast or hold her pee. 

This room we were in for another 2 hours. Their were complications with her procedure. It took 2 nurses to try with no luck. It is no fun as a mom to listen to your daughter scream and have to help hold her down the whole time. 

It was lunch time and nap time. She ended up nursing and falling asleep until urology came in to try the procedure again. They were eventually able to complete the test. We were both so happy when it was over with to go home.

Since we were at the hospital over lunch time which we hadn't prepared for we stopped for McDonalds on the way home. Audrianna enjoyed sitting on Memaws couch eating her french fries and chicken nuggets. 

Thursday August 6

I did't take any pictures this day. I was stressed from the eventful long day we had before and Audrianna had to go for an ultrasound this day. I was dreading it, and planning for another long eventful day. Thankfully the ultrasound went well and we were in and our in 20 minutes. She did scream the whole time but the tech was able to get what she needed quickly. 

Friday August 7

Another day I only took one photo. This was when Ella was getting ready to go to her dad's for the weekend and Austin didn't want her to leave. It is funny some days they love each other, other days they hate each other, and other days one loves one and the other hates the other. 

Saturday August 8

Another Saturday another breakfast at the park. 

This park was meant for bigger kids, but we didn't know that going there. Brian actually had a showing for work nearby so we played at the park, then sat in the van and watched a movie as he worked. The rest of they we worked on the basement at home.

Sunday August 9

Silent Sunday. I have intentionally been spending less time on social media, attached to my phone, mindless scrolling etc. I have gotten so much more done, spend more time with the family, and less stress from the internet. 

Monday August 10

Audrianna looking cute like always. I tried putting a clip in her hair instead of her "peebles" pony tail on top. She wanted nothing to do with it. She takes them bother out. She has wild hair with a double whirl in the front and hair still growing in as bangs so no I will not cut her bangs. 

Every morning before the kids have a list of things they have to do before they are allowed to have any electronics (TV, tablets, xbox). One of Austin's chores is to vacuum the living room. 

Audrianna decided she was going to work out with me. She originally was walking around with my 2 and 3 pound weights. I am afraid she is going to drop them on her toes so Ella grabbed her these toy weights. 

Audrianna became crabby at the end of my workout and wanted mommy. I modified the workout and instead of using weights used baby weight instead.

Tuesday August 11

 Breakfast out on the patio with my TinkerElla. Tinkerbell is her current obsession, besides mermaids. 

The kids were driving me nuts. We have been stuck in the house for far to long. I decided we were getting out the house. The weather was perfect to be outside. We went to a local metro parks that has a kids nature walk. It was fun. (sharing more on it next week)

Taco Tuesday, We had perfect chicken in the slow cooker and deed pineapple then did baked tacos. 

Wednesday August 12

Yes Ella is wearing zebra one piece pj's in the middle of summer. Ella's daily chore changes everyday day. I had her steam mop the kitchen. She did pretty good. It is all a learning experience.

Got my workout done while my princess napped. I honestly didn't realize her eyes were open when I took this picture. She did wake up right when I was finished. 

I'm doing dishes, Ella got out of the shower not long before this photo was taken. I hear "Mom Audrianna is in the tub" I run to find them playing in the bathtub in the hallway. 

Per Ella's request we had an early dinner of one pot cheeseburger casserole. Then she went to her dads. Brian and I emptied out our storage unit that we had rented when our basement flooded. One step closer to getting our basement and garage finished. Then we can finish the kitchen we started working on months ago.

Thursday August 13

I started my morning off with a trip to the grocery store and not my normal Aldi or Fresh Thyme shopping. We had a couple of gift cards so I decided to hit up Giant Eagle. I haven't done full grocery shopping there in years. I haven't really searched for anything in Giant Eagle in a long time too. Sending me to a grocery store that I never got to was a bad idea. I bought so much that we typically wouldn't buy. From three different pretzels, toaster strudles, coffee creamer, Pirated booty, and more. I didn't even get everything on my list since I couldn't find everything. I will stick to the stores I know and can limit my buying snacks.

Austin choice of lunch was a nutella sandwich with banana. Next I look over and he is putting gold fish in his sandwich. He is weird. but he ate it and thats want maters.

Another workout done in the basement while the kids played. 

As a family we went to the Asian Light Festival at the Cleveland Zoo. 

Ella went wearing her mermaid skirt and fairy wings. 

This year there wasn't as much for the kids to interact with thanks to Covid but they had fun with the piano keys.

Ella's favorite part. She said we were under the sea.

My favorite was the Venus Fly Trap that moved. 

Austin was a brat and didn't want his picture taken but I got one of Ella and Brian. (i hate masks)

On a last note the event was sold out and was only suppose to be 50% at most occupancy for the zoo. We went last year at a sold out event and i felt like last night was busier. There was not much of an option to space out 6 feet apart. Most people did have masks on but not on properly. It was 85 degrees and humid also. If I would have known it was so crowded we probably wouldn't have went. At the same time we had fun and everyone enjoyed themselves.

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  1. Aw, so many fun pictures! I love that you cut everyone's hair- so sweet of you. Do you do house calls in California? LOL. I need a trim in the worst way.

    I laughed out loud @ Aud in her little sleeper, that new one looks spacious and comfy!!!


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