First Day of School

It's official both kids are back in school. No it isn't a typical looking school in our house currently. Austin is going to preschool 3 days a week for 3 hours a day. Ella is doing virtual learning in our basement at her desk for at least the first 9 weeks. Then I am hoping she will get to do a hybrid of virtual learning 3 days a week and in person 2 days a week. Fingers crossed. Ella is excited to meet her teach in person, see her friends, and focus on school differently than at home.

~ New Routine ~

Ella's has to be logged in for attendance at the start of her day at 830am. Austin has to be to school at 915, Brian will be taking him around 8:55. On the mornings that I pick up Ella from her dad's our mornings will be more rushed. On a normal morning we will have plenty of time with the kids waking up around 7.

~ First Day of School Photos ~

Even though Austin's first day is today, I took his pictures yesterday too.

~ Interview ~

I love how Austin is written down the side, with his A upside down, his n looks like a w. We have a lot of work to do with him. 

~ How Our Day Went ~

Our day started off a little rough. Austin wanted to be downstairs with his sister. We knew him being in the basement would be to much of a distraction. Ella's chromebook was running really slow getting her frustrated. I think it was because of all the kids using google classroom for virtually learning all logging in at the same time.

Ella did very well with sitting at her desk all day. We did buy a 3rd Amazon echo (one in living room, one in Ella's room, and one in the basement). We are using it as an intercom system so Ella can "drop in" on the living room echo and call me to come downstairs if she needs help. It is better than her screaming throughout the house. She did use it a few times.

By 130 you could tell Ella was done. I do downstairs to check on her and she is spinning in the chair, turned off her camera, and isn't listening to the teacher give directions on an assignment. She finished her assignment and was done for the day. 

Overall even with out little hiccups out day wasn't horrible. Today is a fresh day and there will be more work so hopefully it goes well. The plan is for Brian to pick up Austin from preschool this week so Ella can focus on her schooling and we will figure out the logistics of mom being two places at once next week. (That is a whole nother story) 

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  1. Hope they enjoy their year and everyone adjusts well to these new schedules. Cute pictures!

  2. I'm hearing lots of feedback from just about everyone in blog land that there is lag with most of the platforms trying to handle so many students at once. I dread our days of virtual learning that are coming up soon-- I am just hoping the school gives great tutorials on what to do before since I am really not very tech savvy. But I keep reminding myself and my son that we'll just do our best; that's all any of us can do right now.

    1. I ended up switching my daughter from her school issues chromebook to my laptop and it worked so much better today. That also meant I can't use my laptop for anything until her lunch time or after school. We will figure this out.


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