Last Monday Vibes

Happy Monday and Labor Day. It is our last day before virtual learning starts tomorrow. We enjoyed our end of the summer cook outs with family, camping in the backyard, family time at the park, and a sleepover for Ella. I usually am celebrating getting some "me time" but not this year. Things are going to be crazy to say the least.

We are spending today finishing up some projects and getting everything ready for the chaos of back to school. Back to early bedtimes and even earlier mornings. 
I am excited for some routine and structure back in our lives. I am praying everything goes well with Ella's virtual schooling and in 9 weeks she will be able to go back to school hybrid (2 days a week). Fingers crossed her two days are the same 3 days that Austin goes (Monday Wednesday) so I get some "me time" just with Audrianna. 

Lets end this summer off with a bang and hope things start getting back to our previous normal. Who else is totally over all things Covid / Corona? 

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