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Happy Tuesday. I hope you had a great weekend. We had a wonderful family fun weekend. It was beautiful fall weather. I am so excited for all things fall. Now if the leaves would start changing that would be great. 

Family Fun

Saturday morning we went to Ella's favorite place to get donuts even though everything I had planned for the day was the opposite direction. 

We finally went to the local sunflower field that is for kids cancer awareness. It was beautiful this year with shorter sunflowers.

Audrianna is becoming Miss Independent and doesn't want to be in the stroller or carried. She wants to be a big kid and walk. 

Virtual Learning

Virtual Learning is not anything like we expected. Ella has her "classroom" set up in the basement so we can have her own space, and not get interrupted or bothered all the time. We have an Amazon Echo upstairs and downstairs so she can "drop in" and talk with me when needed, plus a camera that I can check on her to make sure she is paying attention. I end up going up and down the stairs at least 10 times a day to help her, sometimes more. We are on week 3 and she is getting the hang of how everything on the chromebook works, but she gets discouraged and frustrated when she can't find something or it doesn't go as planned. 

At Home Preschool

Last week I started doing about 30 minutes twice a week of extra preschool activities with Austin. He does go to school 3 days a week, but I feel like he is behind with his speech delay and any thing that will help we can work on. Last week we worked on the letter A, and colors. This week we are doing letter B. 


We have a climber. 

Audrianna is not longer sleeping through the night again. We did good for a few weeks, then all 4 of her molars are coming in at once. Three of them have finally broken skin. Hopefully in the next week we will be back to a good sleeping routine again.


Austin is loving preschool, he starts speech therapy again today also. It will be done virtually until our schools go back to in person sessions. Fingers crossed all goes well.

Austin also claims he has a girlfriend in school and wants to have a play date with her. He is so sweet about it. When I pick him up the girls parents are not there for me to ask for a phone number.


Cooking with Chef Ella. She has started helping cook more meals. The goal is for her to help and I mean really help with at least one meal a week. Last night she picked out a recipe from a Minnie Mouse cookbook and made most of it with just my supervision. I did modify the recipe more to our liking, (more seasoning) and we also made scallops too. 


I finished the last workout program I was doing a week ago. Last week workouts didn't happen, mom life happened and not sleeping through the night again with the baby. Their is a new hybrid strenghth training and running program being released in 2 weeks. I was telling Ella about it and she wants to do the running parts with me. It is a 30 day program that by the end of the program you are suppose to be able to a 5k. I am so excited to be doing this new program and to being doing it with Ella. I have also wanted to get into running and I know this will be a great start for me. Plus a great bonding experience with Ella. 

Being active and healthy as a family is something we aim for. With Ella doing virtual learning most of the day getting her outside and running will be good for her. It may not always be easy, especially with the cold weather coming soon, but will be so worth it. 


I started watching Christmas movies on Netflix. I just need that time to relax for myself and not worry about anything and Christmas movies do that for me. I am thinking of subscribing to the Frndly TV. anyone have it? It is an app that lets you watch all 3 Hallmark Channels and UpTV. 


I am half way through 100 Days to Brave. This is my first daily devotional that I have really stuck with. Annie F. Downs started a challenge back in August and I decided to join in. I have stuck to it and it feels great. I love getting a different outlook and reallying thinking about things. 


It’s OK to want alone time ⁣
It’s OK to want to do things you used to do before kids ⁣
It’s OK to work on your body after kids ⁣
It’s OK to feel out of balance ⁣
It’s OK to still have a goals of your own as a mom ⁣

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  1. The leaves are already changing here! We just went for a hike this afternoon and I could not believe all of the color around us already. It seems so much earlier this year.

    I am trying to find ways to squeeze in fresh air and exercise with my high schooler that is distance learning. I HATE seeing him glued to that Chromebook from 7am to 2 pm everyday. He had a half-day today so I warned everyone ahead of time that at noon I wanted to head out for a nice long hike!


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