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Hey ladies. Happy September. It's a new month with so much excitement going on. We are trying to enjoy our last week of summer while dealing with sleepless nights again. Audrianna is getting her 1 year molar and struggling hardcore. 

I am Lets take a look at my Amazon purchases from July

Mermaid face mask. I bought them for Ella even though they are a size women they just needed tacked a little to kit her better. 

Mombella Mini Mushroom soother This soother was recommended in one of my mommy's group for breastfeed babies. Audrianna wants nothing to do with it.

Children's stay balance ball. Ella got a fun seat for in the office while doing homework. It is short for her desk but it will work as an alternative seating.

Scalp Massager omg it is so amazing. It has helped a lot with my oldest washing her long hair herself and getting soap to her scalp also.

It wouldn't be a month in our house if I didn't order a case of Goldfish.

I can't wait to use these Liquid Chalk Markers 

What is your favorite thing you bought from Amazon recently?

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  1. I have seen lots of bloggers buying the balance ball for at-home schooling. Great find! Thanks for linking up with Prime Purchases! Tanya - The Other Side of the Road

    1. I just hope the balance ball will help some with virtual learning

  2. I've seen those scalp massagers around and I really think I need one for myself!


  3. The balance ball is great - gives a fun little twist to school at home.

  4. We had a set of those liquid chalk markers and they were so fun!

  5. Love the mermaid masks! I've heard that type of mask doesn't work the same as the others, so I stopped looking at them. :(


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