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I love taking the time and talking about random things that I would discuss with my girlfriend over coffee or wine. This could be what I am currently loving, watching, reading, listening to, a little vent, etc. A totally random post. But I love reading others randomness too. 

-I purchased a few seasonal headbands from The Be Brand. I am in love with this pumpkin one. Ella says I wear it to much because I have been wearing it everyday. It stays on and doesn't give me a headache. (not sponsored) 

- Who doesn't love Hallmark movies? I have been missing them especially with Christmas coming soon and their Countdown to Christmas movies. I subscribed to the Frndly TV app and am loving it so far. I got the Classic plan so I have the DVR for 45 days. (not sponsored) 

- I am so excited Bachelorette is back on. I need some mindless reality tv.

- I don't know how I feel about Dancing with the Stars this season. I am not feeling the new host, and the pro dancers I really enjoyed are not on this season.

- (TMI) I have not worn a non-nursing bra in over a year and a half, if not longer. I need to buy new bra's (no Victoria Secret). Any suggestions? I am larger chested. Before I was pregnant I was 34 DDD, I should probably wait until I am done nursing. (If I am ever done nursing)

- We need a new vacuum. Long story but we don't have one I love. We have been using a cordless shark for a while but it is breaking. We have an ackward fill with water pull behind vacuum but it is so much work to get out and use for the little carpet we have. Any recommendations on a cordless vacuum?

Tell me something random in the comments.

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