Halloween Decor

 This year is just so strange to say the least. Normally by this time of the month we would have already been to a pumpkin patch and pumpkins would be sitting on my front porch. This year I don't have pumpkins, I have mums that are dying. We are trying to keep in the spirit and some normalcy even though I really just want to decorate for Christmas. Plus we also have a kitchen remodel still going on, it has been going on since January. We are hopefully in the home stretch. There is still a deck in the process of being repainted and a few finishing touches needed done in the basement and bathroom. Maybe all this clutter is also what is flogging my brain.

OK No more rambling. Lets see some Halloween House decor. This is not everything inside, but you will get the idea of our fun. I did do some outside but we have had some strong winds that knocked some stuff over and a witches hat flew away. I will redecorate all that soon.

Do you decorate for Halloween?

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  1. I am so ready for Christmas decorations too. I may or may not have played Christmas music yesterday. Good luck with finishing up the remodel! I love the Halloween decorations!

  2. I tend to decorate for fall but not Halloween.


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