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 Hey friends. With Fall comes colds and sinuses. Add in still nursing and Audrianna refuses to drink milk out of anything means no meds for this momma. I am feeling better today, but yesterday was rough, add in more teeth coming in for Audrianna and sleepless nights. Baby is finally down for a nap. I get a few minutes to myself to sit and finish this blog post that was suppose to go live this morning. Today I am sharing my prime purchases from September. 

These little batteries seem to be in so many of the kids random stuff, like Halloween decorations and light up wands, and toys. They are also so expensive to go buy at the local store. But so cheap on Amazon.

Adhesive Dots are great for decorating around the house. They say permanent but they come off easy, I do not put on walls. 

The Echo Glow night light is so much fun. Ella has it in her room (I took her old nightlight for something else). I love that it changes colors and you can turn on and off from any Echo in the house, you can even set timers to turn on, off, or change colors. Such as you could have it blue at night then switch to green at 7am when your child is able to leave their room.

I bought another Echo Dot (we have 3 now) for our basement. It is in the office where Ella does her virtual learning. We use it as an intercom for when Ella needs help with school and I am upstairs with the other kids. It has been working out great for us. She also uses it as timer and tells Alexa to set an alarm for whatever time she needs to be back in her google meet. 

My mom had her birthday last month. She wanted a new kindle fire, her last one died a few months ago. She got the latest version with a larger screen. She usually just reads books on it but now she can watch movies if she wants too.

We buy a 6 pack of Goldfish every month. It is my kids go to snack and the best price I have found. 

On occasion my kids will have kids will take a sleep gummies to help them fall asleep. We only do it when they need to and it has to be a school night when sleep is important. They both are loving the taste of the Olly Kids Sleep gummies. I also love that it has some probotics in it, which Austin's dr recommends he start taking regularly so we will be looking into a good probotic now too. 

I needed a light weight zip up hoodie. I am loving this ultra soft light weight gray jacket. 

I cant wait to start this new devotional Breathe Mama Breathe. I have heard from a few different mamas about the book.

I ordered Ella a Magical Mermaid Changing Mug for her birthday. The hair changes from purple to pink and Ella loves it. She has hot chocolate in it everyday. 

What is your favorite thing you bought from Amazon recently?

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  1. The Echo nightlight is genius. I've never seen one before. Thanks for linking up with Prime Purchases! Tanya - The Other Side of the Road


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