Last Weekend Before Christmas

Hey loves. How was your weekend? We had a nice relaxing weekend. I think we have finished all our shopping for presents. Brian took the kids out early Saturday with Ella and Sunday with Austin to get what we needed. I am heading to the grocery store to get all the food first thing this morning. Now to finish the wrapping (aka me wrapping,, Brian has everyone's else, including the kids) and enjoy the holiday season.

We have had a quite weekend at home for the most part. My kids did have a little issue getting along and saying "I'm bored" five million times. I am really hoping this isn't a sign for what is to come the next two weeks of break. I am also hoping that the new gifts they get for Christmas will give them hours of fun. 


Friday morning Audrianna and I enjoyed our last morning just the two of us for a few weeks. (Yes Ella has been doing virtual learning but she is in the basement at her desk most of the time. ) She is really liking playing with all the stuffed animals that sing or talk.

Ella and Austin had their last day of school before break. Ella isn't in a class at the same time we go to pick up Austin, so we don't need a sitter to sit with her. It has been cold out. Audrianna loves leaving the house and doesn't fight to put on a hat. Isn't she adorable.

I surprised the kids with lunch and came home to a relaxing afternoon before Brian got home. We had pizza for dinner then the kids for to open their mail. 

A few weeks ago Ella and Austin wrote letters to Santa. We put them in a local "Letter to Santa box with self addressed stamp envelopes. They both received letters back. (They did come on different days but we didn't show the kids and made them think the both came on the same day)

If you could see the look on my face when I read CONFETTI. 

They sat on the ground and opened their letters. 

With all the glitter. Thankfully it was 99% larger pieces of paper, but still I am finding random pieces 3 days later. 

Audrianna had fun throwing the confetti.

So did Ella. 


Why yes that is a little girl trying to listen to me while I am on the phone with her Memaw talking about Christmas presents. She got catch because a smaller girl was making to much noise. 

Saturday morning Brian took Ella to finish most of his Christmas shopping. They were gone a while but got a lot accomplished I guess. 

At home Audrianna played in the cups while I did dishes and baked some more cookies. 

When Ella got home from shopping she joined Austin playing with the Play Doh. I have to say they have no touched their play doh in probably 6 months. 

Brian grilled up some steaks and I enjoyed a chocolate coffee martini. 

GusGus, our elf on the shelf, brought the kids Gingerbread houses to build. Ella did hers 90% by herself. 

Her Gingerbread kit came with paper cut outs and "glitter" sugar. It was a mess but she had fun and it turned out real cute. 

Austin got a Mickey Mouse Gingerbread house. It must have been old. The icing was rock hard. He ended up using some of Ella's icing. He still loved it. 


Sunday we had our tradition pancakes for breakfast. Brian then headed off to show a house. The kids played so good the 3 of them in the living room for a while. Then the fighting started. Brian came home and took Austin shopping. When they got home Ella and Austin decided to play with Play Doh while Audrianna took a nap. I finished my grocery list and menu and did some blogging, aka my post for yesterday and catching up on some other blogs I follow.

Sunday was a very laid back day. Not to much excitement. Just catching up on laundry, getting things done around the house, and enjoying time with the family. Preparing for a busy, relaxing, fun week ahead. 

Did you do anything fun over the weekend?

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  1. What a fun weekend!! I laughed when I saw the confetti, that’s always the worst to get up!! Your family is so beautiful! Also, Ella’s gingerbread house turned out super cute! My friends and I made them, and I to my surprise mine fell over! Have a great day!
    Abby @

  2. My girls fight all. the. time. It's really funny, since when we pick Autumn up from preschool they all run to eachother and hug as if they haven't seen each other in ages. All the moms are like "oh my gosh!!" I assure them that within 5 minutes they will be arguing. ;)

  3. The Santa letter is so fun! I love the gingerbread houses. Thanks for linking up with Hello Monday! Tanya - The Other Side of the Road

  4. What a fun weekend! We went to my father in law's house for Christmas brunch.


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