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What a crazy holiday season it has been. I know I am not alone saying that I had delayed packages shipped from USPS. I actually just got a package on Saturday (1/2) that was suppose to arrive on December 7th. Amazon did let us do a refund and reorder so Austin still got his present for Christmas. 

I did a lot of shopping on Amazon this year since I didn't want to go into the stores. I found some great deals. I am linking up with Tanya for Prime Purchases.

New Amazon Fire Stick. We have one for every tv in our house since we no longer have cable. Our oldest one wasn't always working right, and it was on our main tv. We got this new one and loving the new features it also has. 

My kids love playing card games, especially UNO. But with little hands it is harder to hold all the cards. For Christmas we got them theses Card Holders to help.

I was part of a few Secret Santa gift exchanges with my Beachbody family. One girl requested these nice warm touch screen CC gloves. I need to order a pair for myself.

Another girl requested this CC warm hat. (is there something about CC I don't know about?)

Austin got Osmo Super Studio Disney Mickey Mouse and Friends. He is loving it. I am loving he is "playing" on the ipad but still learning. 

Austin asked Santa for a sleeping bag. Ella has her own personalized one. We weren't able to find a personalized one for Austin. He loves the Mickey Mouse slumber bag.

Wifi Digital Picture frame. We gave it to my in laws. Now all the kids can e-mail pictures directly to the photo frame for viewing. 

The kids got an ipad to share that is only for their Osmo, ABC mouse, and a few other games. This case is durable and easy to take on and off for use with the Osmo. 

I love this mascara so much that I bought some for my sister. 

Brian has been drinking more bourbon lately and likes it cold, but not always watered down. These stones you keep in the freezer and use on drinks you want cold but not watered down. I used them for wine also and they worked great. 

A new 365 daily mothers devotional that someone recommended on Instagram. 

I love Rachel Hollis. I started reading this book and knew it would be a great gift for my sister and best friend. 

Austin needed his own "coffee mug

Austin got a robe so he would stop dragging my blankets all over the house. 

This is most of what I ordered last month. There was more odds and ends. How much of your holiday shopping did you do online this year?

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  1. The wifi frame is such an amazing gift! My mom has loved hers so much.

  2. I like the gloves! We have a wifi frame but I always thought it would make a cool gift. I need to add more pictures to it!

  3. You had some great finds this month. I'm clicking over to see what the new features of the fire tv are...we have several of them, all older. Also saving the ice stones for future gift idea for hubby. Thanks for linking up with Prime Purchases! Tanya - The Other Side of the Road


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