Audrianna 18 months


How is this crazy little girl already 18 months. Audrianna turned 18 months on the 11th, but had her doctors appointment yesterday. She is cute, a mommy's girl, but also a wild one and keeps me on my toes. You would think being my third child she would be the easiest and I would be a pro. Gosh each kid is so different and gives you a run for your money in different way. 

She got good news at the doctors. We have previously been concerned about her weight and head size, but all is measuring healthy stable now. Audrianna does not like people. She clings on like there is no tomorrow. As soon as entered the drs office, not even in the waiting room yet, she started screaming. She screamed 90% of the time we were there. She is starting to warm up to my parents, and Brian's mom and aunt. 

Miss sass is my little mini pint size princess. She is only 19 lbs (10%) and 30 inches (5%) She is gonna be short like her mama. I am only 5'1. 

- green beans
- Goldfish crackers
- Mickey Mouse Club house
- helping in the kitchen
- cups, bowls, silverware, uno cards, everything that is not a toy
- playing in the snow and being outside
- Ella is her most used word
- is a mommys girl
- playing make believe with makeup and hair stuff
- brushing her teeth
- loves her brother when she wants to

- wearing size 4 diaper
- starting to get into 24 month 2T clothes
- it is her way or no way. She will start hitting scratching and biting if she doesn't want bothered (Ella and Austin are known to aggravate her)
- is a big climber we have the dining room chairs bungee corded together.

Audrianna is still exclusively breastfeed. Most of the time is sleeping through her night in her own crib. She has such a personality of her own, looks just like me when I was younger. 

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