Word of the Year

Do you pick a word of the year?

I started last year with wanting to make intentional changes for myself that would better my health, fitness, and mindset. Previously I had been putting my own well being on the back burner, and putting my kids first for everything. You can't pour from an empty cup.

I started off 2020 strong, putting myself first, making myself a priority, getting my workouts done, eating healthy, making time for date night, making changes little by little over time... then the world changed and so did my motivation/desire/want. I know I am not alone. With the kids and Brian home all day every I would say I would do it later, I turned off the alarm because the kids didn't have to get up for school, things were different. Depression started since I wasn't making the time for myself anyone. I wasn't getting out of the house, seeing my friends or family, and had nothing to look forward to. 

Last years word was Intentional. Was I intentional, yes at the beginning of the year. Did I reach my goals? No. I can look back though and see what went wrong, what happened, and what I could have done better. A lot was out of my control with the pandemic.

This years word if JOY 

Get back bringing Joy into my life. Do things that make me happy. If it doesn't bring me Joy, don't stress about it. 

There are things in my life that I need to change to bring me Joy. From limiting the amount of time that I scroll social media, to letting other peoples comments effect my mood for the negative, to stressing over everything going as planned.

What brings me Joy?

  • my kids happiness
  • making time for myself
  • spending time with friends and family
  • spending time alone
  • helping others bettering themselves
  • everyday moments with my family
  • Disney World
What little things am I doing to bring me joy?

  • Removing social media from the main screen of my phone.
  • Putting limits on my social media
  • When I sit down on the couch instead of scrolling my phone, read a book/kindle, be intentional with my kids
  • Get back into date nights with Brian, even if it just means a date night at home without our phones
  • Waking up early and having my me time, and workout
What brings you JOY? Did you pick a word of the year?

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