Mother's Day Ideas

Can you believe that Mother's Day is less than a month away, Sunday May 9th. It will be here before we know it. This is the first time that I have planned what we are doing for our mom's and from the kids to their grandmother's. I bought myself a Cricut machine, which I just got in part of my shipment in the mail already the other part comes today. Then it is time to get crafty. I an so excited. Today I am sharing with your some other ideas for Mother's Day, some ideas of things for the kids to make and a few ideas of things to buy. 

Ideas to Make:

There are so many cute, easy, affordable craft ideas for kids to do for Mother's Day on Pinterest. Some of my favorites include

  • handprints
  • footprints
  • painted thump print flowers
  • homemade jewelry
  • coffee filter flowers

Ideas to Buy:

As a mom this is one of my favorite books that I have read numerous times. The Magic of Motherhood which shares stories from other moms in their motherhood experience. When having a bad day or even a good day it is a great reminder that your never alone. 

Wine- what better gift for a wine lover than wine for Mother's Day. 

Flowers- I love having fresh flowers on the table. 



Coupon Book- I use to give my parents these all the time. In the coupon book would be things like "breakfast in bed" "one free dishes" "one free laundry" "help with dinner"

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