Road Trip Essentials with Kids

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Road trips with kids, you either love it or hate it. I grew up going on long road trips from Ohio to Florida and Canada every year. I use to sleep most of the time since I got car sick. Thankfully so far my kids have no gotten car sick, but they also don't like to sleep. This past Spring Break we went on a mini road trip as a little preparation for a much longer road trip we have planned for this summer. I am sharing some tips that have worked for us on our road trip and a few things I have planned

Car Caddy:
Each child has their own car caddy. I buy random items throughout the year and put in their caddy''s as a surprise when we go on longer road trips. They usually don't know what is in the caddy until the day before or when we are in the car. My favorite place to buy this stuff is the dollar spot at Target. 

1 year old caddy- Water Wow, Fisher Price Little People Princesses, Connecting Rings, and a few board books. 

5 year old boy- Car bingo, Imagine Ink, Crayons, coloring book, clip board, magnetic bingo, and other random things from the Target dollar spot. 

9 year old girl- Car bingo, imagine ink, crayons, coloring book, dry erase Little Mermaid coloring book, magnetic connect four, clip board, and other random things from the Target dollar spot.

We are very fortunate that our van has a DVD player and we had headphones for each child. Before this we bought a portable DVD player to use in the car. We let each kid pick out a few dvds to take with us and they take turns picking what to watch. 

Our go to snacks- 
  • goldfish
  • pirates booty
  • cheese sticks
  • apples
  • grapes
  • protein bars
We stopped for breakfast and got donuts and packed sandwiches for lunch. We have talked about taking overnight oats with us for our long road trip, but I need to find something plastic to pack them in, usually we use mason jars. 

Everyone also has their own bottle of water, and an extra water in the cooler. Brian and I usually stop and get coffee. 

We also take a bunch of napkins and cups. The cups work out great to put the kids snacks in, will fit in their cup holders and help prevent some of a mess. 

On The Go Bag:
While on vacation I don't take my typical diaper bag. I have an "on the go bag" for everyone. You never know when a mishap will happen. I will have an extra change of clothes for everyone in the bag as well as diapers and wipes. 

Overnight Bag:
On our long road trip we will be stopping about halfway and staying one night at a hotel. Instead of dragging in all the luggage we will be packing one bag that has everything we need for just one night. Pajamas, clothes for the next day, and toiletry essentials (tooth brushes). When we arrive at our hotel for the week this bag will also go in the hotel with us. I will reorganize and pack it as we will be staying one night somewhere on the way home also.

Do you have any road trips planned for this year?

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