What I Wore in March

For the month of March I made the goal to put myself together. From getting dressed, doing my make-up, and do something with my hair. I have been in the habit of wearing pajamas all day, the same sweatshirt all week, nursing bra, and nursing tank. I was feeling blah with myself. I also made the goal to wear a different shirt everyday, or at least try to wear what's in my closet and drawers. Gosh I know I have enough shirts.

I didn't do my make-up everyday, some days my hair still was up in a top knot, and most days I still had on a nursing bra. However everyday I did do something to put myself together. A new clean shirt everyday too. Some clothes will be linked if they are recent purchases. Most I have had for years. 

March 1- I failed at remembering to take a picture on Day 1. I did find a screen shot from Insta stories. Headband from Maven Thread

March 2- shirt is a women's Thermal from Old Navy

March 3- tank top from Jane app

March 4- One of my favorite local (ish) shops Always Enough Headband from Maven Thread

March 5- Sweater I have had for way to many years, Headband from Jordans Jems

March 6- Disney shirt is a hand me down over 20 years old

March 7- Another sweater that I have had for way to many years

March 8-
from the Disney Store, no longer available

March 9- Tank from the Jane app

March 10- Forgot to take a picture before I put on my pajama bottoms. Top is workout tank from Target

March 11- This is a nursing tank, but I at least put on real pants. Headband from Maven Thread

March 12- Old tank top from Walmart.

March 13- Bought shirt last time I was at Disney World.

March 14- Shirt from Jane app, Headband from Maven Thread

March 15- opps forgot to take a photo

March 16- Zip up hoodie

March 17- Green shirt from Target for St. Patrick's day. 

March 18- Beachbody Team Tank- Team Together Fit

March 19- old red shirt, maybe from Old Navy

March 20- opps forgot again

March 21- From the Be Brand, part of their Intentional Women's Day specials 

March 22- Zip up hoodie

March 23- opps forgot

March 24- Another screen shot photo, this shirt is so old too.

March 25- Shirt for completing a Beachbody program in 2020

March 26- opps

March 27- ordered a bunch of workout Disney shirts a few years ago. Company is no longer in business.

March 28- opps

March 29- Be Brand again

March 30- old shirt

March 31- Online Virtual Gym Fit Community shirts

I have a lot more clothes than what I wore. Some are not easy to nurse in. I did however get rid of some clothes. The reason behind this was to give myself more confidence and get out of a rut and it worked. 
Do you have the habit of wearing the same clothes on repeat?

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