Monthly Wellness- May

May is coming to an end. How has your month been? This month has seemed very off for me. I have also had a few friends that also said it felt off to them too for whatever reason. This month has not gone as planned to say the least. I was far from the "best version of me".

Lets Break it down. At the end I am going to include my goal for June, and a free accountability offer. 

~ Nutrition ~

Meal wise I have been doing well. We have been consistent with eggs or yogurt most mornings (and a few days with either donuts or pancakes but that is just once a week). Lunches and dinner have been good, unless we eat out then I am not making the best choices, sometimes regretting it later. Snacking has been bad. From cookies to chips. This past week I have switched it up and started snacking on cucumbers and carrots. My current weakness is pretzels with cheese. 

~ Water ~

I have stayed consistent drinking at least 80 oz of water everyday. I have been adding some fresh lemon slices some days. I just saw someone post about strawberry basil that I want to try and we have chocolate peppermint growing that I will be trying soon too. 

~ Movement / Fitness ~

I am loving the dance workout program when I do it. I have done a few days of pilates. More often than not my body has been very sore and stiff. 

~ Mind ~

Not there. I have no touched my new devotional. I haven't picked up a personal development book. I feel like I am forgetting everything. Some days I could just cry. Struggling with getting into a routine and not pressing snooze. 

~ Goals for June ~ 
  • have healthier snacks on hand
  • plan more veggies with dinners
  • drink 80 oz of water a day if not more
  • start new workout program that is 4 days a week. the other 3 days go for walks or pilates.
  • get back into a morning routine
  • start a new personal development book


Join the Mom Life with Adrienne facebook group. No strings attached. I will be sharing daily motivation, recipes, sweaty selfies. You can be doing any workout you choose. It is a place to connect, keep each other motivated, share recipes. and more. 

Have you been struggling this past month?

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