Mother's Day Rewind

 Hey loves. Happy Wednesday. How was your Mother's Day weekend? Did you get to relax and everyone take care of you? Doesn't that sound wonderful. Lets picture sitting on the beach with a iced drink next to us with a good book to read, no screaming kids. Maybe even a hot guy with one of those big leaves fanning you off. That sounds like a good dream but not reality. At least not for me. 

 I did have a great Mother's Day either way. But I still somehow ended changing poopy diapers, wiping poopy butts, wiping runny noses, and giving baths. Mom life never stops even on our day, especially on a Sunday with having school the next day. The kids did help out around the house, and Brian made all the meals and did dishes. I will take that as a win. 

Brian made waffles, bacon, and homemade berry syrup for breakfast. 

Ella brought home these two flowers from school. She hid them from me and didn't give them to me until Sunday. 

Ella also made a bathroom spray with the help of her grandma. Ella and Brian went to the dollar store bought fake flower petals and a water bottle. Then went to grandmas and added perfume and I don't know what else. She gave it to me but it is really for Brian to use in the bathroom. 

Austin came home from speech therapy with this. I love it so much. 

Brian helped Austin with this. 

Ella came home from school with this. It was funny every answer pertained to something in the last week, such as: I take care of her because I give her couch medicine and the favorite thing I make is lasagna. 

I also got fresh flowers for the table and a hand written card from Brian. I hate store bought cards, they are a waste of money and end up in the garbage. I would rather have something meaning.

Brian also surprised me with one bowflex select weight. I have been wanting a set for a while, but they have been sold out everywhere. He was only able to find one. I still don't know why they are not sold as a set to begin with. Good thing I have a birthday coming up too. 

After lunch we headed to my parents and my mother in laws to drop off gifts for our moms, my sister, and sister in law. Here Austin is acting like he is sleeping. 

Brian out did himself with dinner. Steak and crab claws with a salad and strawberry margarita. We ended the night giving the kids baths and bedtime. The best present I got was Audrianna slept in her own bed all night. (only the night not since then)

Here is what the kids and I made everyone for Mother's Day.

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