Summer Bucket List 2021

 Hey loves. We are counting down the days until summer is officially here. The kids and I sat down and came up with a fun bucket list of things to do this summer. Austin will be in summer camp two days a week all summer in the afternoon, so that does limit when we can all do something. We have decided to do this to keep him going with his speech and preparing for Kindergarten. Ella wants lots of sleepovers and play dates. Here is what else we came up with:

  • go to the beach
  • get ice cream from ice cream truck
  • go to a different playground
  • have a play date
  • go to the zoo
  • play in the sprinkler
  • have a sleepover in the basement
  • go on a picnic
  • go to a baseball game
  • go camping (even if just in the backyard)
  • go to the farmers market
  • go for a hike
  • have a fire
  • make smores
  • host a cookout
  • go on vacation
  • go to Disney World
  • see the ocean
  • have a water balloon fight
  • family movie night
  • family game night
  • eat breakfast outside
  • play mini golf
  • eat from a Food Truck
  • catch lighting bugs
  • join library summer reading program
  • join Book It summer reading program
  • have a mother and me date
  • have a dad and me date
  • go for a bike ride
What fun things do you want to do this summer?

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  1. Oh wow! We also made a bucket list with the kids, but after reading your bucket list I think we need to go back and make a "Mom and Dad" bucket list-- hah! I want to go to a baseball game! I also love the idea of mommy and me dates & daddy and me dates. So cute!!


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