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Hey loves. Happy Friday. Even with it being a short week with Memorial Day this past Monday, it has felt so long. I am excited for the weekend. Austin has his first tball game tomorrow. The weather is suppose to be hot so the kids will get to play in their little pool again. I may have even talked the kids into washing my van and they can play with the hose (yes I will be helping too) The only other plans we currently have is cleaning out our shed, so exciting. Before I share my Friday Favorites here are a few big updates: 


No where was this planned, and because I don't already have enough on my plate I revamped my YouTube Channel. I have started a weekly series Mom Tip Tuesday, episode one is already up. Every Tuesday will be a new quick mom tip, hack, or trick that has worked for me in my motherhood experience. I would love if you would subscribe to my channel. In the future I have so many more other things planned as well. 

And when I say revamp like I had an active channel before. I started one five years ago added a few videos and did nothing with it. I plan on really using it in the future. What would  you like to see? What kind of youtube channels do you currently watch?


(don't worry I'm not going anywhere). Earlier this week I posted a full update of what is expect for the summer. I am not going to be posting as many recipes, meals plans will now be on Monday instead of Sunday, and I may not be posting everyday. You can read the full update here.


I shared last week that I opened up a free facebook group for accountability on your own personal health and wellness journey. No catch, no sales, you don't need to buy anything, you don't even have to be doing a Beachbody workout. There will be recipes, meal plans, support, simple workouts, and community. If you are interested please join. 

Now time for some Friday Favorites with these lovely ladies: Erika, and Andrea.

~ ONE ~

These two have been spending all day together just the two of them as Austin is on summer break and Ella is still in school for a few more days. For the most part they have been getting along pretty well. 

Then at other times they are wild. Austin is sitting in the chair. Audrianna was jumping off the arm and onto him. She also was being a wild child and standing on the back of the chair too. 

~ TWO ~

Family cookout on this past Sunday. The weather was kind of chilly. This little girl kept herself occupied by throwing rocks and mulch into grandma's pond. That means daddy now has to clean it out. 


I am going to have my hands full with this little girl. She found someone her size and decided he needed lots of kisses. 

~ FOUR ~

Had to much fun outside at Memaw's on Memorial Day. Ella claims she was just "resting her eyes" She was asleep I tried talking to her and she wasn't answering. 

~ FIVE ~

~ SIX ~

Tuesday I started a workout program that I have done before and loved. I have been 


Austin picked Pringles as his snack at the store this week. He came up to me quacking like a duck. 

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