June Intentions

May flew by, and we are already 10 days into June. Where is the time going? We are on summer break finally, but it feels weird that Ella is with her dad for the first week. She comes back on Monday morning and all the fun, new schedule we are trying will begin. 

This summer I want to be more intentional with my time. From the time I am aimlessly scrolling social, to when I am working on my blog, youtube channel I started, and health and wellness business, etc. I also don't want to put to much on my plate that I am stressed out with a mile long to do list. June and summer we are going to be more laid back. (lets see if this really happens)

Quick May Recap:

May Intentions:


  • Date night- yes
  • Family movie night- yes
  • Family out at a restaurant- no
  • One of one dates with each kid- yes
  • 1000 hours of outside - get at least 50 hours in May 
  • go on 10 family walks- yes


  • Set up back patio for eating outside - yes
  • go through kids clothes- no
  • Complete Spring Cleaning check list- no


  • take afternoon walks before picking up Ella weather permitting- no
  • Go for a run 2x a week- no
  • Schedule dr- no
  • Schedule dentist- no
  • Get a haircut - yes
  • Delete photos from 2015- no
  • Print photos from 2015- no
  • Read 4 books and 2 personal development books- yes and no
  • Get back into my Mindset morning- no


  • Plan summer blog schedule- yes
  • start scheduling summer recipe posts- yes
  • do one collaboration- yes


  • post 20 reels- no
  • post 4 recipes- no
  • complete a photo a day in may challenge- no


  • start selling printables- no
Reminder of my Daily Habits 
  • Drink 80 oz of water - 
  • Get 30 minutes of movement everyday 
  • Read for 30 minutes 
  • Less than 4 hours total on my phone 
  • Take multivitamin, b complex, d3, magnisum, 
  • Drink nutrition shake 
  • Close all 3 rings on apple watch 
  • No electronics after 9pm
  • Veggies as snacks 

Monthly Stats:

    Books Read -  7

Rings Closed on Apple Watch 

    Move Ring- 31/31

    Exercise Ring- 29/31

    Stand Ring- 31/31

Mindset Morning:

    4:30 am -  0

1000 hours outside: (started in March):

May- 74

Total- 132

June Intentions:


  • host a play date for Austin
  • host a play date for Ella
  • have a date night
  • start packing list for vacation
  • Celebrate Father's Day
  • Celebrate Brian's dad's birthday 
  • Celebrate my sister and mine birthdays
  • Start a book series with the kids
  • Enjoy Time together
  • plan kids joint birthday party
  • Take the kids to 3 parks
  • Get ice cream
  • plan a lunch date with a friend
  • Joyful Rising devotional
  • Lift 4 workout program
  • Read 4 books
  • Continue with devotional
  • start a personal development book
  • plant a garden
  • clean out shed
  • get kids helping with chores

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