Monthly Wellness- June

Two posts in one day. You would have never expected, especially with my very inconsistent posting the last few weeks. We have been over here enjoying our summer, making lots of memories. Right now one kid is sleeping and the other two are playing together nicely. (who knows how long that will last) I didn't realize it was the last Thursday of the June already and time for a monthly wellness check in. Where the heck did the month go seriously. 

~ Nutrition ~

Overall I am happy with my nutrition. I am not dieting, which is not the mindset I want to have. I am living a healthy lifestyle. I have added more veggies into my day, we eat only 1 to 2 times a week (once with the kids for a lunch date and local take out on Fridays). i am enjoying ice cream and cookies with my family. The last few nights I have also been enjoying this delicious salad with my dinner. Don't knock it until you try it. 

Chopped romaine lettuce, cherry tomatoes, strawberries or oranges (any fresh berry), peppers, cucumbers, pecans and garlic expressions dressing. I look forward to it every night. I know that sounds so weird. 

~ Water ~

Half of the month sucked. There were some days when I only got 20 oz of water in all day. This week I am back on track. Today I have already had 72 oz of water and it is only 4pm. My goal is 80oz. 

~ Movement/Fitness

I started the month off strong for a little over a week doing a workout program. Then I fell off the wagon. This week so far I am back on track with 2 workouts. Even though I haven't been pressing play on a workout I have been busy with the kids and always on the go. 

~ Mindset ~

Right now I am in a great mindset. I am motivated and working towards realistic goals. I WILL continue to push forward. 

Have you been struggling this past month?

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