School's Out 2021

School is officially out., Well it has been out for going on 3 weeks already. Summer is HERE!!! Can you tell I am excited. We are going to try (yes I said try) having a somewhat laid back summer but we will see how it goes. We all thrive on having a basic schedule. If the kids had a choice they would be on electronics, the tv, or xbox all day and I would get 100 I'm bored a day. The summer has not started off as planned, but that is the reality. This week is the real start of our relaxed fun summer.

Has this not seemed like the longest school year ever? Last year was different with no end of the year celebrations, not really learning with virtual learning, and lots of unknowns. This year started with strict virtual learning schedules that eventually converted to hybrid school to all day school. 
Austin was physically in school all year, as he goes to a private preschool that followed different rules compared to other schools. He loved school this year, never fought going, made friends, and has grown so much. 

His school had the cutest graduation ceremony for the kids. It was a beautiful day for it to be held outside. They even had a Kona ice truck too. 

Every year I do first day of school and last day of school interviews with my kids. Here are Austin's answers:

I am 5 years old
I am 44 inches tall
I wear a size 12 shoe

My Favorites:
color- blue and red
Breakfast- chocolate balls cereal
Lunch- nutella and goldfish sandwich
Dinner- pizza
Snack- chocolate and goldfish
Book- trains
Movie- Star Wars
Tv Show- Star Wars
Activity- Xbox
Thing I did at school = obstacle course

When I grow up I want to be- Astronaut 
I'm really good at- running
I want to get better at- smarter
I year I learned about- the alphabet
I'm excited for summer because- go to grandma's and play in the pool

Ella had a crazy year with being virtual on the computer all day from 9 to 3, then going hybrid, then finally back all day. She struggled with the virtual and hybrid learning as I feel she is more a visual learner. Overall though she got all A's and B's on her report card.

This years teacher gift I got made her teacher a personalized mini clip board, with a Starbucks gift card, and Ella wrote her a note. 

Ella's last day of school interview:

Age- 9
Height- 4 foot 6 inches
Shoe Size- 3

Color- purple
Breakfast- toaster strudel
Lunch- Nutella sandwich
Dinner- crab legs
Snack- chocolate
Book- The Secret Mermaids
Movie- Descendants 3
Tv Show- Mako mermaids
Toy- Pop It
Activity- swimming
Thing I did at school - leave

What I want to be when I grow up: a mermaid that swims in an aquarium 
I am really good at: math
I want to get better at: running
This year I learned about: Division
I am excited for summer because there is no school

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