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 Hey loves. Happy Tuesday. I hope you had a wonderful holiday weekend. I will be sharing all the details of our first camping trip as a family in a tent ever on Thursday. Today I am sharing the good, the bad, and the ugly. I am linking up with Tanya for Prime Purchases. Which includes Prime Day, Father's Day, vacation, birthday gifts, started Christmas shopping, school supplies and more 

Portable mini Humidifier - This was one of Brian's Father's Day gifts. He saw it somewhere and said it would be great while on vacation so we don't wake up with dry throats. We will be trying it out in August. 

Motion Sensor Toilet light - This was a funny Father's Day gift but turned out to be very practical. 

The Magic Kitchen Cookbook- If you know me I love all things Disney. I got this cookout for the kids to pick out things to make every where this summer. Something for them to look forward to. We have made 4 things so far and they have all been hits. There is a variety of different kinds of recipes and also easy for kids to help. 

12 oz insulated water bottle with a straw - The description say it is red, but really it is hot pink. Good thing I ordered it for Audrianna and really wanted pink.

Clear Glasses Nose Pieces- Ella's glasses didn't come with nose pieces. Her glasses don't stay on her nose without the extra support from nose pieces. They have been working great, until Audrianna gets ahold of them and takes them off. 

Black Hair Bands- I swear we have a hairband elf in our house and car. I lose so many of them. I'm over buying the expensive one because they go missing. These one don't pull/snag, stay in place, and are tight. 

Brush Marker Pens- My new devotional journal has places to color. I am loving these pins for the different thickness and calligraphy. 

Fish Tank Cleaning Set-  I have taken over the care of our fish tank. First up was deep cleaning it and setting up for success for monthly cleaning. 

Hair Towels- I never knew I needed a hair towel until Ella got one. 

Origami- Prime Day special put away as a Christmas gift, now to remember I bought it in 5 months. 

Star Wars At- At Fish Tank Decorations = Austin's pick for Decorations 

Anna Fish Tank Decor- Audrianna's decor choice (Elsa was prices 3x as much)

Packing Cubes- Little by little we are all getting our own colored packing cubes. Brian got black ones. (Austin- blue, Ella- purple, Me- pink)

Ariel Fish Tank Decor- Ella's fish tank choice. In person the Ariel face is messed up. 

24 oz insulated water bottle- I bought my whole family their own, I needed one too. 

Simple Purposeful Living Meal Planner- Loving this new weekly meal planner. It also has a grocery list space built it while menu planning. 

Aquarium Test Strips- Back to me taking care of the fish

Olaf Fish decor- Audrianna got two things for our tank. 

Ticonderoga pencils- Austin's school requested Ticonderoga brand pencils. I didn't realize these were not sharpened already but we have are going to invest in an electronic pencil sharper anyways. 

Printer Ink- Why doesn't ink last long anymore and it is so expensive

Metal water bottle - Birthday gift for my niece 

Fish tank Background

I feel like I need to take a break from Amazon, but I know that won't happen with getting items for school and vacation. 

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