July Currently and Intentions

 Hey loves. Happy Wednesday. I have a double whammy post today. I am linking up with Anne for another month of currently and my monthly intentions of July. Lets get to it. 

~ eating ~

salads, anything on the grill (means I don't have to cook it), fresh fruits and veggies. 

~ feeling ~

Loved and happy. From celebrating birthdays and the holidays with family. It all makes my heart happy.

~ going ~

Crazy, as I write this the kids want more snacks and it isn't even lunch time yet. 

~ ordering ~

Back to school supplies and items for vacation. It will be here before we know it. Plus the day after we come back from vacation school starts. (bad planning on out part)

~ realizing ~

Summer is flying by. 

This summer has been the busiest summer yet. There has been so much going on I feel like I never get to sit down and breath. I never know what day it is. As I write this it is Tuesday afternoon my girlfriend just texted me to see if I watched the Bachelorette yet, opps I forgot. I normally watch first thing on Tuesday mornings. I have to say that it has felt good to get back into some normalcy, getting out of the house, seeing friends and family, and making lots of memories. 

Quick June Recap


  • host a play date for Austin - no
  • host a play date for Ella- yes
  • have a date night- yes
  • start packing list for vacation- yes
  • Celebrate Father's Day- yes
  • Celebrate Brian's dad's birthday - yes
  • Celebrate my sister and mine birthdays- yes
  • Start a book series with the kids- yes
  • Enjoy Time together- yes
  • plan kids joint birthday part- kinda
  • Take the kids to 3 parks- yes
  • Get ice cream- yes
  • plan a lunch date with a friend- yes
  • Joyful Rising devotional- a few days
  • Lift 4 workout program- started
  • Read 4 books- yes
  • Continue with devotional- yes
  • start a personal development book- yes
  • plant a garden- no
  • clean out shed- yes
  • get kids helping with chores- kinda
Reminder of my Daily Habits 
  • Drink 80 oz of water - 
  • Get 30 minutes of movement everyday 
  • Read for 30 minutes 
  • Less than 4 hours total on my phone 
  • Take multivitamin, b complex, d3, magnisum, 
  • Drink nutrition shake 
  • Close all 3 rings on apple watch 
  • No electronics after 9pm
  • Veggies as snacks 

Monthly Stats:

    Books Read -  4 i think

Rings Closed on Apple Watch 

I was way off my on my goals. Then i cracked my screen and it died completely

Mindset Morning:

    4:30 am -  0

1000 hours outside: (started in March):

june- 100

Total- 232

July Intentions

  • family date night
  • Brian and I date night
  • Austin sleepover at grandparents
  • Ella sleepover at cousins
  • Host Audrianna and Austin joint birthday party
  • Take kids to 3 parks/playgrounds
  • Have a playdate with friends
  • Take the kids to the library

  • Deep clean for party
  • Go through Austin's clothes
  • Go through Audrianna's clothes
  • Go through Ella's clothes
  • go through basement toys

  • Read 4 books
  • Finish Personal Development book
  • Finish bible study I started months ago
  • Continue Joyous Rising daily devotional
  • Start back a new morning routine
  • Start new workout program 
  • Go to lunch with a girlfriend
  • List kids clothes, toys, and other stuff to sell
  • Start planning back to school and August content
  • Get one new collab
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  1. Best of luck on your goals! My birthday is coming up and I'm already feeling the love from family and friends. :) Such a great feeling.

  2. Great job on your June goals. You did an awesome job!!


  3. We are eating a lot of salads and anything on the grill as well. Great job on your goals!

  4. Summer always has such a way of flying by, but it looks like you're making the most of it with your summer goals! We've been so happy with more normalcy in being able to see extended family this summer too.

  5. I love planning meals based on the BBQ because it means that Dave does the majority of the work!!! And after reading about everyone's salads, I'm definitely planning on a salad for lunch today. I'm already looking forward to it! Yum!!!

  6. Oh no....it cannot be time for back to school supplies!! I've been seeing them in the stores as well. How can that be?? Here's to more summer:)

  7. The back to school supplies situation here in New Jersey is particularly cruel as our schools end in late June, and the supplies are usually on the shelves by July 4th.

  8. Those are great intentions. I love eating salads in the summer


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