Summer Weekly Recap Week 3

Hello July!!!!! Three Weeks of summer already down. It is crazy to think we have 2 months of summer left. I feel like after my birthday summer always flies, but this year it flew up to my birthday too. (my birthday was Tuesday) Lets check out the fun from the last week!!!!! 

Wednesday June 23

It is hard to make out but there is a little girl sleeping sideways in my bed. She actually slept until close to 8, which never happens. 

The kids and I ventured out of the house to look for some shoes for me. I wanted some dressy sandals but could also wear everyday, possibly with a heal. Ella found these shiny gold shoes and had to try them on. They are only like 5 sizes to big for her. 

These are the shoes I ended up deciding on. They are Croc sandals. So comfy, if I didn't tell you they were croc you would never know. 

I may have done some Amazon prime day shopping. Out of the 4 packages there were at most 7 items and I clicked to have packages combined. 

Audrianna found the chalk outside. She drew on the driveway, then sat in it. When she was done she came in the house to wash her hands. Sometimes she is just so cute and acts like such a big girl. 

Audrianna's new favorite activity is wooden puzzles. 

Thursday June 24

Enjoying my coffee on the front porch while Brian and Audrianna water the flowers. 

Audrianna woke austin up. She dragged him, well led him by holding his band into the kitchen, sat on their kitchen step and said cheese.

Then she did the exact same thing and took him over to her chair and said cheese. If you look closely she is still holding his hand. 

I surprised Ella with orange pop to make orange creamsicle popsicles. 

Before leaving the house I committed to a workout. I had 3 workout partners (one taking the photo). 

We are off on an adventure. Austin wanted to bring his dinosaur and his Mater along for the ride. He tried putting the seat belt on them too but I said they were ok without it on. 

Our adventure for the day was a Duct Tape Sculpture Scavenger Hunt. The duct tape factory is in Avon, Ohio which is close to me. This year they did a scavenger hunt with 9 locations and 15 different sculptures done by local-ish artists. ( i saw one from southern Ohio.)

We ended up going to 5 locations and finding 10 sculptures. 

At our last stop, we had a fast food picnic lunch. Then played at the playground. 

When we got home Austin had to put his dinosaur and Mater down for a nap.

Ella enjoyed her homemade popsicle. Austin didn't like them.

Friday June 25

Shhh I was up before 6am. Instead of going in the basement I enjoyed a quiet morning outside watching the sunrise, listening to the birds, and no kids waking up. 

Later that morning I got my workout done. After that everything went down hill. I took a shower then started to straighten my hair, I was half way done then it started storming. Instead of finishing it just for it to curl back up I rewet it and styled it different.  I ordered Instacart pick like I normally do. My strawberries and green peppers were molded. Plus I rejected a swap and they didn't listen to my rejection for the item I didn't want. (this was all refunded thankfully) Then I did a Target pick up and both items I ordered didn't fit. 

Birthday date night. it was downpouring as we were loading the kids in the car to go drop off Ella to her and to my parents to drop off Audrianna and Austin. 

We headed downtown for my surprise dinner. 

We had delicious Mexican at Nuevo on East 9th. If it wasn't raining we would have been eating outside by the water, but we were stuck inside. 

After dinner it stopped raining for a little bit and we walked around downtown. I finally got a picture taken with one of the Cleveland signs. 

It was windy and I could feel my hair frizzing so it was time for a new style. 

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. I hate to say I have lived in Cleveland my whole life and I have never been inside. 

We picked up Audrianna and Austin then headed home. Austin fell asleep in the car. Audrianna was wide awake. When we laid Austin on the couch, Audrianna joined him for a few minutes. 

Saturday June 26

Our Saturday morning started with some Mickey Mouse and a little girl being a goober with sunglasses standing on the coffee table. 

Next we packed up the car for baseball and headed to the farmers market. We grabbed breakfast and found another Duct Tape Sculpture. While eating breakfast we got the notice that baseball was cancelled. It had rained the day before. (turned out our game was cancelled and an older team had a rescheduled game on our field instead) 

Girls lunch date. We had BJ's Brewhouse. I enjoyed a watermelon mojito and a ahi tuna salad. 

After lunch we did some shopping which included cupcakes at the mall. (they weren't that good) 

Anyone else eat their cupcake like a sandwich?

After shopping we relaxed and chit chatted at my house. It was a much needed girls day with adult conversations with no kids or guys. Between the 3 of us we have 8 kids. 

Sunday June 27

Sunday we have pancakes for breakfast. It was gorgeous outside so we ate outside. When Audrianna was done eating she ran to play outside. 

That morning Ella had a Girl Scout outing. I went and picked her up from her father's and dropped her off at the event. 

Then I came home helped Brian set up our new tent and put up the pool for the kids. 

When I dropped Ella off she hadn't eaten breakfast and asked if I would bring her a sandwich when I came back. I ended up giving her the nut bar I had in my purse, because mom always has some sort of snacks. Then I made a picnic lunch for all of us. Brian, Austin, Audrianna, and myself headed up to the metro parks to walk around until it was time to pick up Ella. 

Audrianna was talking to the turtles inside the Nature Center. 

Austin became a turtle. 

Our walk was just about a mile, Audrianna in the stroller and Austin complaining it was to hot. We picked up Ella and found a picnic table to enjoy our lunch. 

Brian must have got a lot of energy to give Ella a piggy back ride up the hill and acted a fool, but she loved it. Then we took Ella back to her dads to finish out her weekend with him. 

Later that afternoon we went to my parents house to celebrate my sisters and mine birthday. It was actually my sisters birthday (27) and mine was two days later (29)

It rained for a little bit then the kids went outside and enjoyed playing in the pool. 

and playing on my parents old metal swing set. 

Monday June 28

Monday morning I picked up Ella from her dads. She came home and saw this huge box I got from Target, that only had a small mop bucket in it. The kids played hiding in it. 

Even Audrianna enjoyed playing in the box. 

This weeks Ella's "make it" was fruit smoothies. All 3 kids had a smoothie as I had my dense nutrition shake. 

Austin was not a fan of the kids smoothie but stole half my shake. Ella and Audrianna both liked their smoothie. (Ella and Audrianna have had the smoothies more than once already)

I was told I was the best mom ever for having 3 pools in the backyard. The little one is Audrianna's. The second one had a hole in the top ring so I put up the third one also. (now both the bigger pools have holes) 

While playing in the pool we had a friend come visit, aka walk through our yard. It is hard to make out but there is a deer there. 

I have reached "hot mom summer" along with "get hair wet mom" and "have fun with the kid". My kids don't care that I am not that body shape I want to be. My kids don't care I have extra weight around my stomach. My kids don't care that I needed to shave my legs. My kids loved that I was in the pool playing with them.

Tuesday June 29

My birthday started with getting my makeup done. 

Brian got us Panera Bread for breakfast. I got my gifts from the kids, then Brian headed off to work. 

I made myself a priority and pressed play on the sample workout for 645. I loved the workout. 

Then I got blocked on Instagram. I couldn't post, or view anything. I really have no idea what I did. I think it was because I was checking out a girls feed who shares upcycling of shirts. I was looking for a certain one and doing other things. Every time my phone timed out I had to start at the top of her page again. 

The kids played with frozen dinosaur eggs. We put the dinosaurs in a balloon, filled the balloon with water and stuck then in the freezer. The kids had to figure out how to get the dinosaur out of the ice. 

I got the idea from Keri's Intentional Summer Kit. There are so many great fun ideas to keep the kids entertained. 

We ended my birthday with going to get ice cream, followed by my free Starbucks (I saved it for the next day), and fish for our tank. Overall I had a great relaxing birthday.

Wednesday Jun 30

Our morning started off with reading books. Audrianna loves to flip through all the books. Ella was complaining that she made a mess in her room. I told her I am never going to yell/complain about any of the kids reading. It is a mess we can clean up later, and Audrianna always helps clean up. 

Austin was also reading a Star Wars book, aka looking at pictures. 

I only took two pictures the whole day. My sister and mom came over after I took Austin to summer camp. My mom watched the girls and my sister and I went grocery shopping for camping this weekend. Then my niece had a sleepover. Brian worked all day and had meetings. I clean the house and started getting stuff ready for this weekend. It was nothing exciting at all. 

Well thats a wrap on week 3. Week 4 will be boring as Ella will be with her dad for 11 days. They are going on vacation. 

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