Ella's First Day of School

Hey loves. Happy Tuesday. We are home from vacation and back into the swing of things. Ella started school yesterday. I do NOT recommend coming home from vacation the day before school starts. Thankfully we did plan ahead and had everything ready for back to school, planned overnight oats for breakfast, and had a lunchable ready to go for lunch before we left. After being in the car for so long and just being full of energy bed time was a little rough on Sunday night. Ella did great with waking up on Monday and was excited for her first day of 4th grade.

As pointed out on Facebook yes her dress matches her lunchbox. If Ella could she would have her whole wardrobe as mermaid. What you don't see is also her mermaid necklace. 

This year we started off our morning with Ella's favorite, overnight oats. She has been mixing it up with banana, oats, milk, flaxseed (shh she doesn't know that), chocolate chips, and coconut flakes. We usually also use honey but we are all out. 
Ella also got her favorite lunch, a pizza lunchable. This was partially because it would stay in the fridge while we were on vacation and I didn't have to worry about it going bad or worry about having to go grocery shopping. It is also one of her favorite "special" lunches. 

This year Ella was excited to start school. She didn't talk about being nervous, there were no tears, there was no fighting... fingers crossed it stays this way. 

This was also Ella's first time ever riding a bus to school. She was a little nervous about the bus, but her friend from down the street is on the same bus. I like that her bus stop is at the corner right by our house instead of all the way down the street. 

Ella didn't know until she got to school her best friend has the same teacher, and they actually sit somewhat next to each other. There is one boy in her class who she doesn't like, and it just so happens she has had him in her class every year. I think he has a crush on her based on what she says he does. 

Ella also didn't know who her teacher was until she met her yesterday. She was surprised she knew her already from student council last year and said she was really nice. 

My mama heart loves that she is excited for school this year but misses her already. Next week will be the big change when I am kidless for a few hours. 

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