Monthly Wellness- August

Summer is coming to an end. I am ending summer "Stronger and Healthier" than I started the summer, which has been one of my goals. 



Overall my nutrition, aka eating more fruits and veggies, less sweets and less alcohol has been better this month, before going on vacation. After Labor Day things will be looking different again. Really focusing on eat more raw plant based, less snacking (Gold fish are so easy to grab when I am giving the kids fish) and no alcohol or limited. 


This is the one thing I have been consistent on drinking at least 80 oz a day. 


ummm yeah didn't happen much.


I have been reading Superlife by Darin Olien and really looking at what I eat differently. I also am doing a 90 Day launch team for Dave Hollis new book, Build Your Courage. It has been great to getting me in the right mindset on so many levels. 


 Knock on wood Audrianna most nights has been sleeping on the bottom bunk until atleast 6am. Hoping this continues once we come home from vacation. 

Have you been struggling this past month?

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