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Happy Tuesday. Hope you had a fun, safe, and relaxing Labor Day weekend. We had fun with family, and got a lot done around our house. I am linking up with Tanya today. In August I bought the most random things from Amazon, from household items, things for vacation, and more.  Lets check it out. 

Key ring carabiner, Brian's old one finally broke and he lost his house keys (thankfully they were found at work). It was time to purchase new ones that were better build and not from the dollar store. 

Ella asked for doubled sided adhesive after she used some at her aunts house on vacation. She is becoming such a little crafter. 

Fidget toys. These were great on vacation to keep the kids entertained in the car. (yes they had other stuff to keep them entertained too)

Tik Tok fail. Magic shaving powder. I tried it once. It stinks and when I wiped it off the hair was still there. 

I have no read this yet but I am so excited for Build Your Own Christmas Movie Romance. Think Hallmark but pick your own ending like Goosebumps back in the day.


After half our family got strep throat (the baby and myself were the lucky ones not to get it) Brian decided we needed tooth brush covers

End of summer pool sales. We don't need a new pool, but we always go through one a year. I like to have an extra one on hand. Be sure to use the coupon for 75% off. 

Stocking up on some household essentials. We replace our sponge every week and found these were a great deal. 

While at Cedar Point we saw families with glasses straps. I thought these would be great for Ella since she wears glasses and has prescription sunglasses. We got them for vacation but she never used them. 

While at Cedar Point I lost my phone on one of the rides, it fell out of my pocket. I got the cutest waist purse for Disney. It was the perfect size for my wallet and phone. 

We got rid of the over the door hangers instead got these hooks to put on the walls. 

I have made charts for the kids before and never stuck with them. I found this cute magnetic Mickey and Minnie Responsibility chart for Austin. I love that it has pictures that he understands. So far this is working out great. 

Another month another order of Goldfish

Our toy storage boxes in the living room had seen better days. Some of them the bottoms were missed. It was time for an update. 

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  1. I bought that book last month and am looking forward to reading it this holiday season!

  2. Those storage boxes are so useful. Thanks so much for linking up!


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