Austin's First Day of School

Happy Thursday. When did Austin get old enough to go to Kindergarten? I swear we were in the NICU with him just yesterday, but in reality that was 6 years ago. Yes we did hold him back a year due to his speech delay and the pandemic. This year he is one of the oldest in his class, but still one of the smallest. 

Austin picked breakfast for his first day of school of cereal and a banana. (Brian and I had eggs) He was excited and didn't give us a hard time about waking up. 

For lunch Austin packed a nutella and banana sandwich, hershey kisses, chips, fruit roll up, and granola balls. He came home with an empty lunch box. He said he finished what he didnt eat in lunch at snack time. 

We live within a mile of Austin's school so each morning we get to walk about a half mile to school. It take about 10-15 minutes depending on how slow he is that morning. Once the weather gets cold or is raining I will drive and get him. (I am all for walking 2 miles a day, one mile round trip, and getting lots of fresh air)

First Day of School Interview:

I am 6 years old.

My favorites:
color- blue and red
breakfast- cereal and waffles
lunch- sandwich nutella and banana
dinner- pizza
snack- pirate booty and goldfish
book- Star Wars
Tv Show- Lego Star Wars
Movie- Star Wars
Toy/Activity- X Wing
Thing I did this summer- tball and Disney World

When I grow up I want to be- Star Wars Pilot
I'm really good at- swimming
I want to get better at-  running
i am excited for school because I want to make more friends.

Austin standing in line on his first day. 

First day of school and first day of September after school snack, apple nachos with Nutella, it is a kids favorite in our house. 

Overall he had a great first day. He did say that it was to long and he wants to come home after lunch and recess. He made one friend but didn't remember his name. His teacher is nice too. 

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