Four Things

 Hey loves. Today I am sharing four things about each of my kids from the past month or so. 

1 - Aubriella signed up for Modern band this year. She is going in with the hopes of learning the acoustic guitar. 

2 - She also joined Green Team, which deals with recycling around the school.

3 - Ella is so excited for our new house where she will get her own bedroom and we will share a crafting space. 

4 - In less than a week I will have a 10 year old. Officially a pre-teen and already acting like it.

1 - Austin may complain about our walks to and from school everyday, but I love this special time we get together. He does like picking up handfuls of buckeyes on the way home. He says he is going to plant them at our new house. 

2 - Every night for 10 minutes Austin is supposed to read or have a story read to him. There has been a few times we lost track of time and tried sending him to bed without a bedtime story. 

3 - Austin is becoming Star Wars obsessed. From playing the game on Xbox to watching the movies. He wants to be baby Yoda for Halloween, and wants a Star Wars bedroom.

4- Austin has been getting the short straw when it comes to me taking pictures. It is the stage he is in, like running around in just his boxers and makes funny faces always.

1 - We are making progress with preschool. Audrianna didn't cry at all the last time she had school. This is huge. She had been crying as soon as we pulled in the parking lot. 

2 - Audrianna went to hang with Grandma and Grandpa one morning last week for a few hours. She cried when I left but calmed down and had fun playing. The time before this she screamed most of the two hours she was over there. 
3 - I kept saying I was going to start potty training her when we got home from vacation, now we are holding off until after we move. I hear horror stories of regression from big changes so i figured it would be better to wait.

4 - This girl can make a mess. As soon as we walk in the house she takes her shoes off and dumps out all three of her toy boxes, then pushes the toys around. She will sit there and play for hours and when it is time to clean up she will help you.  

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