Monthly Wellness- September

 Hey loves. Happy Thursday and last day of September. Fall is in the air, literally it jumped from 80s to 50s overnight and lot of rain. Makes me realize I need new cowgirl boots. This month started off rough, coming home from vacation right into back to school, buying a house, preparing our house to be sold and all that fun. I am happy to admit I am ending the month stronger than I started. 


Honestly I have been eating more fast food. Especially at the beginning of the month when we were packing, had to be out of the house for showing. Also twice a week after I get Audrianna from preschool we stop at McDonalds and get kids meals. Not the healthiest decisions but we are collecting all the Disney toys. When she is at school I go to Panera to get some computer work done without distractions (I am there now) I was buying a pastry every morning too, I have stopped that and I am just getting my iced coffee (rewards program). At home I am snacking less, eating more veggies and filling meals. I know I can be doing better and I am going to be working towards that. 


I am rocking my water in take most days. I started tracking my water on my BOD app and this has helped so much. 


Now that Austin is in Kindergarten at our neighborhood school, I walk him to and from school most days. For me that is 2 miles a day. (we live a half a mile from the school) Since Sunday September 19 I have gotten back into doing a workout everyday. The first week I was sore from using muscles I hadn't in a while. The day after the first leg day was rough. I am having more energy again. 


This month I have really dived into Breathe Mama Breathe, 5 minute mindfulness for busy moms. Taking a few minutes everyday at different moments to just be in the moment, silence my mind, taking time for me. I mentally have been in a better mood. 

Knock on wood Audrianna is sleeping better. I think I found the trick of putting her to sleep in a foot PJs. She seems to be sleeping a lot better. I pray this continues and we have a smooth transition into our new house in November. 

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