Hey loves. Happy Monday. How was your weekend? After having a eventful few days last week we spent our weekend relaxing and doing stuff around the house. Such as 10 loads of laundry from the past two weeks of not having a washer and dryer. We had originally planned on going to my parents to wash clothes but they got sick, and my in laws got sick. We opted to stay home and not stress about having clean clothes, we had enough to last us a little while. 

This year I have so much to be grateful for just from the past week. Someone was looking over us keeping us safe in a situation that could have gone a lot worse. Our Thursday night ended like this:

That would be a fire truck and ambulance in front of our house at 930 at night. The kids and I are sitting in the van staying warm and starting to watch Moana.

We had a work done at our house. We moved the location of our washer and dryer to the main floor instead of the basement. Our plumber ran water and gas lines for the new location, also gas lines to eventually hook up a gas stove. (I am not a fan of electric stoves). After he was finished with the project we smelled gas, which can be normal after purging a line. By 9pm the smell was getting worse and traveling to the bedrooms. Brian decided to call and get it checked out. Can you see the crack in the pipe?

The fire department came out and found the leak, turned off our gas. Then the gas company came over and turned off the gas and locked it until it got fixed. The gas company told us they are seeing a lot of this same problem this year. This part use to be made in the USA, and is now made in China and is arriving defective. Once it has a small crack it gets bigger also. 

By the time we had answers and the gas company had left was after midnight. We opted to camp out in the living room with space heaters. The kids were both asleep before all the excitement. After I carried them both to the van they woke up. 

I am thankful for the firemen who came out.
I am thankful for the gas company.
I am thankful for Brian for realizing the smell was getting worse.
I am thankful to physically be able to carry both my kids out of the house, Austin I had to get down from his top bunk.
I am thankful for family who offered for us to stay at their house for the night.
I am thankful for family who offered to take the kids while I stayed at home waiting for gas to be turned back on.
I am thankful for family who let us borrow space heaters to stay warm. 
I am thankful for our new house that is well insulated. 

Unfortunately we all to often take for granted things around us until something bad happens. 

What are you grateful for this year?

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  1. How fortunate you are that you figured that out before it got worse. Grateful indeed!!


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