Elf on the Shelf Week 1 2021

Hey loves. It is that time of the year already. Gus Gus our Elf on the Shelf has arrived. Each week I will be recapping our adventures. 

GusGus has been apart of our family for 10 years now. It has been a fun family tradition in our family every year. My kids get so excited every morning when they wake up and get to search for where he is that day. Depending on the year depends on when our Elf arrived. It is usually either on Thanksgiving or Black Friday. It switches back and forth depending on when I have my oldest daughter. Gus Gus has been very understanding and comes hosts his North Pole Breakfast on a morning that Ella is with us and not at her dads. 

*Mom and Dad have special powers in our house to move GusGus to a safe location after the kids have found him. That way they can still play with their toys that Gus Gus was playing with. This year we are moving him to the top of the mantel. 

Day 1 North Pole Breakfast (Thursday November 25 )

Gus Gus found our new house. He arrived with new table decorations and a special simple North Pole breakfast. 

After years of different things from pancakes to green yogurt, and more. Gus Gus knows the kids love donuts and whipped cream with sprinkles. (our main food was sausage gravy for Thanksgiving breakfast)

The kids were all excited. 

This year he also brought Snowman white chocolate hot chocolate bombs. They were so good. 

Day 2 ( Friday November 26 )

Just hanging around in one of our chandeliers (Brian did this one)

Day 3 ( Saturday November 27 )

GusGus wants to go on a plane ride with Mickey Mouse to Disney World

Day 4 ( Sunday November 28 )

Who doesn't love a bubble bath with some friends. Funny story, Anna snuck into the bathroom a few times to eat the bubble aka Marshmallows. 

Day 5 ( Monday November 29 )

This was a hard one for the kids to find. Gus Gus was on the fireplace with all the other stuffed animals. 

Day 6 ( Tuesday November 30 )

Just hanging around, hanging for our antenna wire that runs from one room to the next. (this wire is only temporary) 

Day 7 ( Wednesday December 1 )

Every year on the first of December Gus Gus brings chocolate advent calendars. A few years ago we got the Disney Advent Calendar books. We reuse them every year. When the kids take the books carefully out of the wrapping and we mix, rewrap in the same paper every year.

Day 8 ( Thursday December 2 )

Gus Gus should be making mommy coffee not just sitting in some cups. 

Day 9 ( Friday December 3 )

I think Gus Gus is hinting he wants to do some baking. 

Does your family have an Elf on the Shelf? If so what is his name?

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