11 Items to Help to YOU Become Your Best Self

Who doesn't want to be the best version of themselves? Even if we are going away from saying New Year New Me, but a new year can feel like a fresh start. It can be the kick in the butt we need to start making changes that YOU want to make to become the best version of YOURSELF. If you don't want to make the changes they are not going to happen. If you want to be like someone else that isn't going to happen. You can be your best self though. 

This doesn't have to just be just just physically. This could mean mentally, spiritually, emotionally, etc. It is whatever it means to you. If it your journey, your life. It is a great time to set some goals. 

If you continue doing the same things, having the same thoughts, and taking the SAME actions, 2022 will OF COURSE be EXACTLY like 2021!I’m challenging you, right now, to do something DIFFERENT! To set yourself up for success and this is how you do that…

Today I am sharing a few ideas that may help to kick your goals into gear or to help you along the way.

PS If being active is on your goals this year and you are looking for extra accountability or some guidance on how to get started check out the Healthy and Strong Virtual Fit Community

1- Taking the time every day to read a quick devotional and writing down what I am grateful for has been a staple in my day for the past few years. I have used a few different gratitude journals. Currently I have and love the
Joyful + Rising Biblical Affirmation & Devotional Journal. I have previously also just used a Gratitude Journal that I liked. 

2- I use to meal prep my lunches or dinners on the go all the time. I used these containers

3- New shoes are a great incentive to get you to get up and work out in. I have these shoes on my list to buy for when I workout outside. (I workout barefoot inside) 

4- I live in workout clothes. My favorite pants are these and these. My go to workout top is this one. This is my go to bra for cardio workouts

5- I have found that switching up my water bottles helps me drink more water. I have this one with a straw, this countdown one, and something similar to this that I use regularly

6- Being organized has so many benefits. I love my Daily Simpilifed Planner

7- It is always handy to have these around. We always have one on the fridge

8- Read more with a kindle. It is small enough to take anywhere. 

9- Go for a ride. It doesn't have to be the top of the line bike. Sure I would love a peloton or a myx bike with all the bells and whistles. It isn't in everyone's budget. We got this stationary bike a few years ago and it is working to get some added cardio in. 

10- Stretching your body and releasing tension are so beneficial. This is where a foam roller comes in. It no only helps recover after a workout, it can help with relieve stress from life, and even kinks from a bad nights sleep. If you are new to foam rolling this one is great because some guidance is right on the roller.

11- An affordable at home workout app that has a variety of different workouts. I personally use and love Beach on Demand. There are over different programs, with a variety of types of programs for every body. With it you also get two nutrition programs and access to the online accountablity and support online community. 

What are some of your favorite at home items to becoming your best self?
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