Hey loves. I am quickly linking up with  Anne for another month of currently. This months prompts are: anticipatingorganizingreadingresolving, and scheduling.


I am very impatiently, patiently waiting for my kids to be able to go back to school. One of them tested positive for the ick so they are both home for another week. Then we have to test the other one this weekend and that one was to be negative for them both to go back. Neither of them have any symptoms. 

I am a creature of habit and sticking to a schedule and that hasnt happened in a long time, thank you for a little 2 year old girl who still isn't sleeping through the night. One day we will get back to having a good routine for all of us. 


Toys, toys, toys.
We have only lived in our house for about two months. We haven't done much with organizing the kids toys to much. We knew that they would be getting more toys for Christmas. I am ready to organize their rooms so they have places for all their toys that they can play with and put away. Instead of just throwing in the corner.


I started a new book with my bible study group The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren.
Personal Development for the month- The High Five Habit by Mel Robbins


To make time for myself. Not just say I am going to do it, to really do it. I have been putting myself on the back burner from my workouts, my personal development, my bible studies, my time with friends, my time alone, my time with just Brian. I know I am a better mother, friend, girlfriend, daughter, etc when I make myself a priority too.


New year means time to schedule all the doctor appointments, from eye doctors, dentist, check ups etc. I always put them off to the last minute if the doctor doesn't schedule them at the last appointment.  especially for myself. 
I am also schedule my days better, making time for my blogging, family time, workouts, and going to try time blocking instead of just making a to do list. 

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  1. Oh, I hope you all recover well and that this passes quickly. We're back to online learning until "at least January 17th" so I'm really hoping that the kids go back i person then because yes, our schedule is all messed up too. Ugh.

  2. Hope everyone is feeling well and 100 percent at your house now! Here's to a healthy - and productive - new year ahead!

  3. Hope you find the needed time for yourself in 2022. Happy new year.


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