January Intentions

 Hey loves. Happy New Year It's hard to believe it is already January 6th. how is your year going? Mine is off to a rough start. I am not going to let this put a damper on my motivation to get things done, makes changes, and be productive. Who is with me and ready to make this year awesome? Covid may not be going anywhere any time soon but we still deserve to live our lives to the fullest. We all deserve to make changes, get stronger, grow, learn, love, be happy, etc. Lets do this!!!!

Lets take a quick look back at my
December Goals

  • Date night for Brian's birthday- yes
  • Complete Christmas Bucket List- did some
  • family game night- no
  • family movie night- yes
  • Celebrate Christmas - yes
  • Celebrate New Years- kinda
  • Host Christmas EVE- got cancelled
  • Host Christmas day with my family- yes
  • mail Christmas cards- yes
  • Enjoy the Holidays- yes

  • Read 4 books- yes
  • Read 1 Personal Development book- yes
  • Read Christmas daily devotional- yes
  • focus on new daily goals (yesterdays wellness post)- yes
  • have a friends date- no

  • Come up with cleaning list- no
  • Clean all the mirrors and windows- yes

  • plan 2022 link-ups- yes
  • reach out for 2022 collabs - yes

  • post 2x a week- no
  • get 20 followers-no

  • Sell 5 items- no
  • Have 10 items available for download- no

Health and Wellness
  • connect 3 women with workouts-no
  • host 12 days of Fitmas-no

Wow I didn't achieve a lot of my intentions in December. Anyone else feel discouraged when you don't accomplish what you set out to do? I know I do. This year I am setting less intentions for myself. Especially right now, this could change in the future.I have all 3 kids how with me (hopefully they go back to school next week) Brian is also working from home. I get less down when everyone is here. 

January Intentions:

  • Bring back a new mindset morning. What time will this start? I don't know yet. What will this entail? I don't know that either. I know I need to get back into a routine where I make time for myself and accomplish some things before anyone else wakes up. 
  • Dry January- not drinking for the month. I don't drink that often but don't need the extra calories when I am pushing for my goals 
  • No Spend January- no buying un-necessary items. Brian has already made the comment he is surprised we haven't received anything from Amazon this year. 
  • Eat 3 servings of veggies a day
  • Do cardio 3x a week on bike
  • Do strength 3x a week with Job1 program
  • Read 6 books

  • weekly game night
  • 1 movie night
  • date night with Brian at least once 

  • Finish mud room (minus floor)
  • Come up with better organizing for Austin's toys
  • Start the Clean the Clutter Challenge with Coffee, Pancakes, and Dreams 
  • Start a dreams list of projects we want to do to the house over time
What are your goals for January?

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