Amazon Lately- January

Hey loves. One of my goals for the month of January was to have a no spend January. The month started off great, but then there were things I needed, wanted, went on sale and it went downhill. Overall I still spent a lot less, put more in savings and towards credit cards.

 I am linking up with Tanya today. Lets look what I purchased.

Baby nail clippers with light- We had a pair and I broke them. The light makes such a big difference of being able to cut little ones nails. This pair also comes with a magnifying glass too. 

Girl Masks- I swear Ella's masks are magically disappearing. I was washing masks the middle of last week to make it through the rest of the week of school. 

Mini Pops- Sometimes you just need a sucker pick me up. From avoiding temper tantrums, distractions in the car, distractions when avoiding nursing, or even rewards for potty training. I also plan on putting these on the kids Valentine's Day cards for school. You couldn't beat the price. 

Curl spray and detangler- Audrianna has been blessed with my curls (at least so far, Ella use to have curls but hers grew out). Morning can be rough with knots and not a frizz ball. I gave her a nice haircut and this leave in has been working great for her.  
Minnie Mouse Potty Seat- Audrianna was showing an interest in using the toilet so we got an another potty seat for our house, which has three bathrooms. This way we wouldn't have to be running all over the house to find a potty seat when she is ready to go. We haven't officially started yet, she got sick a few weeks ago and we haven't taken the leap yet. 

Bathtub toy holder- Ok this was not a necessity to buy but the kids bathtoys were driving me nuts. We had a little container that they would just dump out, things were getting thrown down the stairs, it was a hot mess. The toy holder stays in the tub and so far has kept the toys in the tub. I will say that Audrianna has climbed in the dry tub to play with hey bath toys. 

1-2-3 Magic book- was recommended by Audrianna's doctor to help with getting her to sleep in her own bed all night alone, and to stop breastfeeding. I am starting to read it this week. 

Magnetic Washer door prop- We have a front loading washer that is now in our mud room. If you have a front loader you know that the door is suppose to stay open to dry out, avoid mold, etc. With the door all the way open it was just getting in the way. This door prop leaves it open enough for air flow, and isn't in our way. Brian and our contractor has been in and out of the mud room a lot more so Brian asked if I could find something to use. I'm pretty sure I saw it on tik tok

Gold Fish crackers- We were getting 6 whole grain Gold Fish bags a month from Amazon for cheaper than you could find at the store. They haven't had them in stock recently and they substitute them for something comparable with your permission. One month we did colored. In December we were supposed to get the whole grain again and ended up with flavor blasted, which I am not a fan of. Last month the only option was the big boxes. One order was for 2 boxes, so I placed 2 orders, which would have given me 4 boxes. I only received 3 boxes. Amazon has been slacking on our Gold Fish orders. 

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  1. Gotta have the goldfish...ha, ha!! The washer magnet is genius. Thanks so much for linking up!

  2. I don't have any little ones around anymore, but the light on the nail clippers is the best invention. I will remember this for a baby gift.


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