Hey loves. Today I have a quick post. I am quickly linking up with  Anne for another month of currently. This months prompts are: lovingmakingtakingwanting, and wondering


All the snow we are getting. I am loving just sitting in my office and watching the snow fall. We also have been enjoying the snow fall, having a fire, and watching a movie together as a family. My kids have also been outside a few times to play in the snow, some days it has just been to cold. 


Construction paper hearts to write "love notes" to hang on my kids door every morning for the month of February. For the past few years we have done the love notes or affirmations. My kids love to wake up and see what their new heart says. 


I am taking time for myself and making me a priority. From taking a few minutes to read a devotional everyday, journaling, and getting a 20 minute workout in. 


I'm dreaming big here. I am wanting my kids to get along. They have their good days and bad days as all siblings do. 


When will things be back to "normal" without fear. No more masks, being able to see family and friends freely. So many things we have taken for granted previously. I miss having playdates, seeing my girlfriends, going on date nights, having time to myself, etc. It is hard to find a time when everyone is not sick even if it isn't the ick. Or restaurants don't have staff, places for the kids are limited too. 

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  1. Oh, let's hope that "back to normal" will return soon! But, I too am wondering....
    Such a sweet tradition for Valentine's Day...or month!

  2. I'm late on all my blog reading and decided to try and catch up with the "Currently" posts tonight :) I too wonder when "back to normal" will happen. We're forcing it a bit in March, possibly, and I'm both excited/nervous.


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