Snow Days Weekend Wrap Up

Hey loves. We have another long, unplanned weekend. We got hit by a snow storm and the kids got two snow days. Our school district is still is still doing snow days, where other district have virtual learning days instead. Over the weekend there was a sleepover, a cake, a trip to the Urgent Care, dinner out, a Cavs win involved, and more. 

Here's a little recap:


After the kids got home from school and before the rain turned to ice I headed to the local Urgent Care. I had fallen in the house the day before and landed hard on my wrist catching myself not wanting to hurt my back again. I was planning on just sucking it up and dealing with it for a few days, if it still bothered me to go after the storm and the kids were back in school. Brian insisted I go, even rounded up the troops, aka my parents nagging me to go get it checked out. 

Thankfully my wrist not broken. It is just sprained. They did warn me that I could have torn a ligament but to wait two weeks and see if it is doing better before I call an orthopedic doctor. One week later it is already feeling a lot better and I am no longer wearing the brace but still limiting my workouts.   

Ella wants curly hair. (we always want what we don't have) She has been putting braids all over her head after a shower to get the curly look in the morning. This was not easy to do with my wrist in a brace, but I did it. 


The snowstorm hit. It started Wednesday night, by Thursday morning we had 4 inches, thankfully we didn't get much of the ice. Brian started the fire, then he had to leave to take Austin to get an ultrasound done. This was his yearly ultrasound following his kidney surgery almost 2 years ago. 
Anna enjoys the fire and playing right in front of it. 

While the boys were gone, Ella, Anna and I had a little movie morning watching Encanto. I hate to admit I don't see what all the hype is about. Ella however loves the movie and has watched it a few times already. 

The aftermath of Ella's briads turned into curls. 

Even though I was frustrated that I had to pause the workout program I am doing because you use weights, I went to Beachbody on Demand, which is my workout portal that has over 100 programs. I picked a Barre program and just modified with no weights. 

We had a virtual appointment with Austin's kidney specialist going over his results. Everything from the surgery still looks good. She reminded us to make sure he doesn't hold his pee, and doesn't get constipated or it can reverse his surgery. Now the ultrasound tech said he saw potential kidney stones. Austin's doctor said she did not get the same reading. Austin is also not showing any signs of having kidney stones but to just keep it in the back of our heads incase symptoms do appear. 

Ella's dad ventured out in the snow storm (we had about 8 inches by this time) to pick Ella up. (we offered to switch but he has a 4x4 truck and said it was fine) The school had already cancelled for Friday so he was keeping her longer on Friday instead of my usual picking her up at 7am. 
I had my first drink of 2022, I completed dry January. Brian bought me this Southern Tier (which is my favorite Brewery) Blueberry Whirl Milkshake IPA. I enjoyed it, Brian thought it was gross. 


Friday Anna and Austin had a lazy day at home. They didn't get out of pj's. Lots of playing, fighting, and loving each other. True being siblings. Anna and her four babies. 

That night after Ella got home and after we had pizza for dinner Brian put on a live stream of Disney World. Brian follows these two vloggers as the live stream from Disney World. This night they were at Hollywood Studios, they had purchases the lightening lane "fast passes" and were seeing how many rides they could ride that night. The kids got out their laundry baskets and acted like they were riding the rides too. They did end up with three baskets. On  Slinky Dog Dash Brian pushed and spun them as if they were on the ride. He also lifted them up and went up and down when they were on Tower of Terror too. They love the days we do Disney at home. (they also keep asking when we are going back)


We woke up to more snow, that we weren't suppose to get. There was like 2 inches or so. Brian took Austin to his basketball practice and the roads were good. 

Later that morning, we dropped Audrianna at my in-laws and went to Ella's basketball game. Ella did awesome. She is getting more aggressive (in a good way), better defense, and sharing the ball. Her team even won!!!. 

While watching Sweet Magnolias I decided to apply some color street nails that I bought before Christmas. They have been on for 4 full days now and still looking good. The last time I tried these they lasted 2 days if that. 

Off to a dinner out for a birthday party for Brian's Aunt. We dropped Audrianna at my parents house then headed to dinner. We went to Bonefish Grill. Our service and food was excellent. Even Ella and Austin behaved. 

After dinner we picked up Audrianna and dropped of Ella to have a sleepover at my parents. 


Lazy Sundays are the best. No plans, relaxing and catching up for the week. Brian made strawberry banana pancakes and sausage for breakfast. Anna decided she she needed to wear two shirts. 

They say you can find hearts in random places if you just look. the other day I saw one on the back window of a car made out of snow. (I was driving or I would taken a picture) Here Austin made a train track and it turned out like a heart, he said it wasn't planned. 

We ended the night cuddling in my bed watching Sweet Magnolias while Anna used Brian's shirt as a blanket. I had to stay up until Ella got home from the Cavs game. Her dad took her to the game, had originally not planned on staying the home time, but then the Cavs made a huge turn around in the game and won. 

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  1. Aren't injuries so annoying? That's how I feel about them.
    Encanto has grown on me I must say. Love that you played along with the Disney rides. We were just talking about when to schedule a trip there.


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