Mini Bathroom Update

 Hey loves. We did a minor update to the kids bathroom. We had no intentions of doing anything to the kids bathroom for at least a year, but plans changed.

Lets back track. When we moved in the kids sink handles were backwards hot and cold on the wrong sides. Being that it was the kids bathroom we wanted to correct this before someone got burned. I also wanted an easier facet for them to use. It previously had a one knob pull up thing that wasn't the easiest to do and at times I would go upstairs and the sink would still be dripping some because they didn't turn it off all the way.

(picture from realtor website)

Fast forward Brian went to fix and replace the facet. Then part of the sink broke so that needed replaced. When he went to take the sink out it tore up part of the counter leaving jagged edges and exposed wood. When putting it back together if something could go wrong it went wrong. The minor project took a lot longer and was way more expensive than originally intented partially because things were not done properly before (pipes, lines, caulking).

Being that it was the kids bathroom I didn't want them to get hurt from the exposed wood with sharp edges. (I wish I had a picture to show what happened) We took spackle to smooth out the area the best we could. 
I had found some marble contact paper to cover the counter with. 

I should have measured the width of our counter and bought the right size marble contact paper instead of doing it is sections. My mom actually came over to help and we got it done in less than an hour. You can barely notice the seam, unless you are looking for it. 

For us this is only a temporary fix. Eventually the counter and the cupboard will be replaced. As well we the floors, wallpaper removed, everything updated, and new paint. The marble contact paper does brighten up and gives the bathroom a fresher look for the small price. It has been done for a month and the kids have left it alone, it isn't peeling and still looks great. Now I want to update the other bathrooms and the kitchen. 

Have you used contact paper before?

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  1. Adrienne!!! We have used the marble contact paper before too and loved it. Before we did our kitchen renovation I put it on our kitchen counters because I couldn't stand the sight of the old ones anymore. The marble contact paper did the trick until it was time for the renovation. Here is a link to my post about it if you want to check it out:


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