Mother's Day Recap

 Hey loves. I hope you all had a wonderful Mother's Day. We had the perfect day, with nice weather, great company and delicious good. Here's a quick recap.

On Mother's Day morning Brian let me sleep in. That lasted until 730. I had the intention of waking up early and getting my workout done for the day 

The parade of presents: new coach purse (wasn't really a mother's day gift we talked about getting it and he just surprised me with it. )

A bird feeder

And a bird bath. Brian joked and said I am turning into an old lady feeding the birds, deer, and squirrels in our yard.

I was dressed and ready before everyone got there. This also included getting the kids ready and enjoying a mimoso. 

I forgot to take a picture before everyone started eating. We had blueberry and chocolate chip muffins, blueberry lemon bread, sausage links, apple cake, grilled chicken, strawberry salad ...

hash browns, egg casserole, dairy free egg casserole, and French toast 

Coffee and strawberry mimso. (not pictured, water and beer)

We bought flowers for our moms this year. We had they separated and labeled on the sidewalk up to the house. 

It isn't everyday we are dressed up and looking nice. That calls for some quick family pictures. 

Had to get an updated picture with my mom and sister. Notice the outfit change, this was after I tried putting Anna down for a nap while everyone was there and she refused.  (I also forget to get one with my mother in law)

After everyone left, I got Anna down for a nap and got my workout done. Finishing the week off on the right foot. 
Brian made steaks on the grill for dinner with leftover salad. The perfect ending for an awesome day. Oh I almost forgot there was also chocolate cake too. 

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  1. I love hosting a brunch, well done! You all looked nice in your matching outfits.

    1. thank you. we love hosting not that we have more space for everyone


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