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 Hey love. I meant to post this yesterday but I didn't get around to it. I have been fighting a sinus infection, and throw in kids sports and end of the year celebrations I feel like I lost a few days of time. So here we go.

 You know how some months you buy a lot and other months you dont. Then you have those months that until you look back and your like "oh yeah I forgot I bought that". That was me this past month. I thought I didn't buy a lot, then I looked back and forgot half of what I bought opps. Lets take a look.

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Austin broke the handle off his last water bottle. He requested a new bottle with a straw

This has bee so fun to cut up pineapple and can use to make fun pineapple drinks.

Bought this book for Austin to have his teachers sign at the end of every school year 

Anna's favorite thing to do is take the paper off regular crayons and then break the crayons into pieces. I am hoping this twistable crayons stay in one piece for vacation and in the car.

Anna loved the Mother's Day finger painting project we did on canvas. She keeps asking to paint again. I bought this finger paint paper, I also forgot I bought this paper. 

My favorite mascara at a price you can't beat. 

With the weather being nice out, we have been opening out windows. Some of the doors have been closing with the air flow in the house. These door stops have made a huge difference. 

My new favorite black leggings that are a Athleta dude. They are buttery soft, stay up, wear all day leggings that also have a pocket. Plus a 1/4 of the price.

Fun game that the whole family can play. It is Anna's favorite

Someone shared about this glitter eyeshadow to add some fun to your make-up. I tried it out and love it. I have even used it on my girls when we play dress up. It was so easy to put on and wipe off and I don't feel like there was glitter everywhere on my face or house.

The kids got new to us tv's and we were short one firestick

The girls I watch always have clips in their hair. Anna wanted some of her own. I found these cut clips that she loves and has been wearing 2-3 in her hair most days. Even Ella has been wearing them. 

This is my soccer mom and now tball mom- keep Anna entertained bag. I put a whole bunch of toys, snacks, sunscreen, water, etc. I love that there is a zipper compartment I can put my wallet and keys in too. 

These motion sickness travel bands were recommended to me to help my two little ones who get car sick. 

I am also prepared with dramamine to give my kids for the car ride. 

Let's not forget their puke bags too. 

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