Deserted Island Top Items NOT to Bring

  Hey loves. Now the twist of yesterdays post of What Would I Take on a Deserted Island.Today we are doing what I Would NOT take. I got this post idea from Shay over at Mix and Match Mama. I figured this would be a fun post to do while I am on vacation at the beach. If you read Shay's post she had a lot of categories. I didn't do them all. 

“If I were on a deserted island, what would I NOT take”

If I were on a deserted island and could NOT have ___, which four would I choose? 

Movies: any war movie, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings

Music: Classical, oldies

Snacks: jerky, 

Office Products: pencils that need sharpened, printers because they never work or are out of ink, notebooks that are bound. 

Make-up Products: concealer and foundation. 

Skincare Products: anything with snails, 

Haircare Products: anything to heavy or doesn't work

Beverages: pop, bourbon, scotch

Cozy Things: stuffed animals

TV Shows: the Office, Friends, reality tv

Kitchen Tools: an instant pot

New Skills to Learn: sports

What would you not take?

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