Drink that water

 Hey loves. Summer is here. The heat is coming too. Who else struggles with getting enough water, especially when it is hot out? I also always want to make sure my kids stay hydrated. Here are 5 tips to staying hydrated.

1- Always keep a water bottle near by. I prefer insulted tumblers that keep my water cold and have a straw. I also switch up my cups often. Whenever we go somewhere we always bring our water bottles with us.

2- Eat foods that have lots of water, like melons and tomatoes.

3- Watch caffeine and alcohol intake. To much of either can make you dehydrated, especially kids. 

4- Set an alarm to drink water during the day. The kids and I will set an alarm every hour to drink 8 oz.

5- Flavor your water with fresh fruits. My kids love lemon water. We also do mixed berries and cucumber. 

What are your tips to drinking enough water?

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