June Intentions

 Hey loves. Hello June. We have a fun busy month!!! Summer is here, kids have a few more days still though. I am ready for whatever the next few months have in store for us. 

Let's take a look back at May Goals

May Goals:
  • read 5 books- yes
  • listen to 1 book- no
  • read 1 personal development book- yes
  • start new devotional- yes
  • start back up 430 morning routine 3x a week - no
  • cycle 6 days a week (even if only for 10 minutes) goal on bike is 200 miles- no
  • start 20 minute a day workout program that is 5 days a week- yes
  • get photo library on phone to 15,000 (currently 16,979)- no I now have 16,009 photo
  • get a haircut- yes

  • Date with Brian and I- yes
  • Girls Date- no
  • Date with Austin and Mom- no
  • Go for a family walk at least 1x a week- yes
  • Family movie night- no
  • Family game night- no
  • Host Mother's Day brunch-yes
  • make packing list for vacation-yes
  • discuss who is taking what on vacation with parents-yes
  • schedule dentist appointments- no

  • finish spare bathroom- no
  • make room for new exercise bike- no
  • start preparing basement for demo-no

Health and Wellness Business:
  • Help 3 women start their health and wellness journey in the virtual wellness community
  • Help 2 women start a health and wellness business

Overall I did not do well on achieving my intentions for the month. Good thing it is a new month.

June Goals
  • read 5 books
  • listen to 1 book
  • get my nails redone
  • complete 4 week program 30 minutes a day
  • get photos done to 15000 (that includes from photos on vacation)

  • Date night for Brian and I
  • celebrate Brian's dad's birthday
  • celebrate my sisters birthday
  • celebrate my birthday
  • enjoy vacation
  • start reading Harry Potter to the kids
  • family movie night
  • family game night
  • schedule dentist appointments
  • haircuts before vacation
  • start back up 100 days of brave with Ella
  • get in a routine with the kids being home
  • have a fun lunch once a week

  • finish 1/2 bath
  • finish removing wallpaper from stairs
  • organize kids bathroom drawers
  • organize mudroom for summer

This month I dont have to much crazy planned with the end of the school year craziness, start of summer, and vacation taking up a lot of time. 
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  1. I like your goal of trimming down your pictures. I have so many junk pictures I need to delete-- making it a goal is smart!


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