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Hey loves. Last week was busy with end of the school year fun, new schedules, sports, a birthday, and starting to prepare for vacation. Lets recap:

Monday June 6

Its a mommy and Anna day. To get read she has to wash her legs, who knows why this is just where I found her. 

Anna requested we go shopping. Her favorite store is Dollar Tree and I don't complain. She gets to carry the basket (usually) and picks out one toy. She does try to buy 500 things but I say only one and she puts them back. 

Last minute run into Starbucks to get teacher's gift card and a cake pop, which is only ate half of.

Mommy's little helper unloading the groceries we picked up from Aldi with Instacart. We switched our grocery shopping days to Monday for the summer. 

Teachers gifts are made and done. 

Sibling fun, no one was hurt they just like crashing the car. 

After dinner I ran to the express clinic to get checked out. I hadn't been feeling well, i had a horrible cough and my throat was killing me. I go checked for strep and covid and both came back negative. It is more likely sinuses just draining down my throat and since I am still breastfeeding there is nothing I can take it just has to run its course. 
Ella ended up missing her last soccer practice with me at the dr and it started to rain too.

Tuesday June 7

Last day of school. If you can't tell by the face they were not thrilled to take a picture together. It was also downpouring outside so we had take the picture inside. 

Austin was excited for his last day, but said he is going to miss his teacher. 

Ella was excited to go to Dave and Busters for the first time as her end of the year party. (it turned out to be a disappointment as 240 kids and limited game space). 

Ella had a quick 4th grade celebration. The principle did a speech, they sang some songs, each class stood on the stage, and they did a clap out. 

Last day of school tradition is getting ice cream for dinner. We got ice cream but then ended up having pizza at my parents house too. So it was dessert before dinner. 

Austin's teacher sent a picture of his whole class.

Wednesday June 8

First day of summer and we wake the kids up early and squeeze them in the backseat of Brian's car. We had to take my van into get serviced before vacation. This is the only time we ever take Brian's car because it is a squeeze for all 3 kids, one in a car seat and one in the booster plus Ella in the middle. Thankfully it is only a few minutes one way. 

Later that morning out the back window I saw a deer with two babies. 

The mom left the babies in the woods next to our house for the day. This was our excitement of the day. You could look out our side window and see the baby laying under the bush in the tall grass. 

The kids lunches. Ella had leftovers. Anna and Austin had sandwiches. Austin ate everything but the cheese. Anna picked at her food. 

We went outside and played for a while. Standing on the front porch I saw the baby standing up. She never left from that spot. Even when the neighbor got kinda close while he was cutting the grass. 

The new thing Anna likes is for you to trace her with chalk while she is laying on the driveway. I see a lot of bodies on my driveway this summer. 

After dinner it started to sprinkle. I looked outside and saw the baby looking around. Next thing I saw was the mommy deer in the woods. Then the baby and her sister that I couldn't see jumped out of their hiding places. They ran to their mom, ran around her, then started nursing. It was the sweetest thing. 

Thursday June 9

Austin started his morning early and was playing with her trains nicely in his room. Then tornado Anna goes and destroys it all. 

Anna decided she wanted to use the potty. We had originally wanted her potty trained before vacation, but it just didn't happen. It will be getting done when we get home. She did however this day go pee in the potty a few times. 

A little afternoon craft time. I bought these wooden birdhouses from the Target spot a while ago. Ella decided to use colored pencils. Anna and Austin painted. 

They had fun and have asked to have another craft afternoon after vacation. 

Anna show how got ahold of some crayons (Ella had them in her room). She then decided she wanted the carpet in her room to be a rainbow. Thankfully it came off with a little water, dish soap, and scrubbing. 
Later Anna got into the chocolate that I didn't know she could reach. She was just a wild child the rest of the day. 

Friday June 10

Ella was with her dad for a long weekend, means these two become best friends. There is a lot less fighting when it is just the two of them. They were taking me upstairs to show me what they had been up to. 

Sometimes when they get along Anna doesn't destroy everything they play good and enjoy Austin's wooden train set. 

For lunch I made sourdough discard pizza crust pizzas. I actually made the dough the night before and let it rise overnight then spread it out before lunch. It turned out really good. 

Austin is always asking for pizza so I split the dough up and also made little pizza crusts that I froze and can pull out whenever he wants pizza.

This is the look of trouble and nerf guns. 

After dinner the kids went outside to play, Brian cleaned out the garage, and I sat on the porch and enjoyed finishing a book. 

Saturday June 11

Girls go to soccer as the boys go to tball (Brian is the coach and doesn't take any photos) Ella had her last soccer game of the season.

Her team finished the season undefeated. 

The coach brought popsicles for everyone, Anna took Ellas. 

We spent the afternoon out shopping getting some things for vacation and a two birthdays. The kids fell asleep in the car right before we were heading into Costco. Yes Costco on a Saturday at 130 in the afternoon. 

Even Austin fell asleep and we moved him to the cart and he slept for a few more minutes. I am sure that wasn't very comfortable. 
The parking lot was crazy busy when we got there. When we left, there was no line to check out. There was a line at the food window.

Brian and I had a date night out with one of his mentors for his 75th birthday. 

Family was in town so Anna and Austin went to Brian's parents and played with his sister Carrie (pictured above) and his brother David. They had a lot of fun. 

Sunday June 12

Anna and I slept in. Brian had to leave for an early showing. As a mom I don't get to use the bathroom very often alone. Anna decided to join me and got into Ella's makeup. Isn't she beautiful with pink lipstick. 

A little after 11 we went to the local outdoor shopping mall in our city. They had a Block party event with meet the trucks, food trucks and more. It ended up being a good event. 

Austin is sitting in a dumpster truck. 

There were some Star Wars characters and some other characters in costumes. Austin and Anna had no desire to go near them. But Austin loved the characters when we went to Disney World.

One of the booths was Lake Erie Monsters and you could try and win tickets. 

Another booth was Cleveland Charge which is our minor league basketball team. The blow up was way to big for kids to be able to shoot but Austin still tried. 

Brian tried too.

Austin's favorite part was getting another fire helmet from the fire truck and getting to go into the ambulance. 

We were at the event for a good 2 hours if not longer. We went home in hopes Anna would take a quick nap before we had to pick up Ella. No such luck. We picked up Ella and then she fell asleep. 

I got Ella early from her dads to celebrate Brian's dad turning 90. We had a birthday party for him, hence why family was in from out of town. 

The kids played games and they brought out the slip and slide. (swim suits were already packed so we just brought a change of clothes instead.)

The Costco cake with cream cheese filling. OMG it was so good. 

Anna chilling

Austin with Lauren my niece. 

Leah making faces with the kids.

Austin goofing off with Grandpa acting like he is going to steal his cake. 

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