Sports Must Have's

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 Hey loves. We just finished soccer season, and baseball season is in full swing (no pun attended). Having the essentials ready for the games has been key to making it on time to games, being comfortable, and keeping the little ones entertained. 

10 Must Haves 

1- Water in an insulated bottle

2- Sunscreen lotion for the face and we do spray for the body. We add our own lotion to the container for easy application. 

3- Foldable comfortable chair 

4- Blanket - you never know when it will be cold

5- Healthy Snacks- fruit and nuts are our go to

6- Band-aids and/or a first aid kit

7- Bug Spray

8- Sunglasses/hat

9- Baby wipes- you never know when something needs wiped up

10- All their sports equipment 

Keep the Little Ones Entertained

I prefer if I don't have to take my little one to all the games, as I am spending most of the time entertaining her and not watching the game but that isn't always an option. I have a mesh bag packed and ready to go with items that she only gets at sports. I will keep her in the stroller or wagon also.

1- Water Wow make sure you fill the water pen before you leave

2- Play doh- we don't do playdoh very often at home so it is a treat. If she makes a mess its in the grass and not a big deal

3- Snacks- her go to is gold fish or pirates booty

4- Bubbles

5- Fidget toys

What are your must have's when going to your kids sports? 

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