Friday Favorites

 Hey loves. Happy Friday. It has been a weird off week. I can't seem to get into a rhythm with anything. It pretty much has been a free for all with way to much time on electronics, nothing seems like it is getting done and I am more stressed than I would like to be. This no schedule summer is not going as hoped. Maybe we need to switch things up. It is hard to believe that my kids go back to school in 33 days. Summer is flying by. 

Even though things have been crazy there has been so much fun this past week.  

Time for some Friday Favorites with these lovely ladies: Erika, and Andrea.

~ ONE ~

We finally went out to celebrate my sisters turning 40. There was originally suppose to be a bigger group, but the date got changed because of Sarah being sick. We still had a good time with 5 of us. (not pictured Brian and Dave (Misty's boyfriend) 

Brian didn't like that we were doing a selfie and insisted on taking a picture for us. 

~ TWO ~

Austin heard me talking about where my parents live were doing fireworks on his birthday. He wanted to go. We planned on going then Austin changed his mind at the last minute and stayed back my parents. Ella was with us just not in the picture. 

They were not the best fireworks but Anna still enjoyed them and it is the only fireworks we got to see this year so I will take it. 


Austin's t-ball team had an end of the season pool party and the whole family was invited. The kids had a blast. We spent a good 3 hours over there most of which the kids were in the pool the whole time. 

Ella even dived into the pool. Which I didn't know she could do. 

~ FOUR ~

We celebrated Austin and Anna's birthdays with family. 

~ FIVE ~

Let me introduce you to little Miss Snow White. 

~ SIX ~

Anna got a princess tent for her room too. (Ella put it together and put it did it backwards and inside out, I redid it) 


Ella had a sleepover with my niece Claudia. We treated the kids to ice cream. 

at the local downtown area that has train.


We also found a vacant parking lot by the airport to watch some planes take off. 

~ NINE ~

Ella has been asking forever to make a lemonade stand. Brian and her build one in 20 minutes with wood we had and wooden crates that were bought for this. 

~ TEN ~

I finally got my MYX spin bike. It came a lot quicker than anticipated so it isn't exactly where I want it in the basement but it is there, it is hooked up, and I am hooked. 


Playing in the rain with friends. 


Morning drive after Brian left for work, Anna took her car out. I followed with my coffee. 

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