July Currently and Intentions

 Hey loves. This month is already flying by it seems. Another month and a lot going on. At the same time I am trying to slow down, be more intentional, spend more time unplugged, with family, and less routine, less stress.... For the past week Ella has been on vacation with her dad. It started off with just Anna, Austin, and Me for a few days then Brian ended up being stuck at home for a while too. It has been a different flow/schedule but wonderful being able to spend time together. 

First up on today's agenda is  I am linking up with  Anne for another month of currently. Followed by a look back at June's intentions and my intentions for July. This months prompts are:  enjoyinghavinghopingpicking, and using.

~ enjoying ~

Enjoying being home from vacation and relaxing outside, reading while my kids play in the mini pool.

 ~having ~ 

Having more date nights. We got a night out on vacation, then the week we came home for my birthday dinner. In a few weeks again for my sisters birthday dinner, and another planned just the two of us the end of July. This never happens since having 3 kids.

hoping ~

Hoping Ella is having fun on vacation with her dad. Really hoping and praying she doesn't come back with a huge attitude after being gone for 13 days, which is the longest time she has been away. 

~ picking ~

Picking up chip and goldfish crumbs all over the house. How can my kids not eat without making a mess. 

using ~ 

Using a tree stump as my table. We finally got some trees cut down. The company only took 2 months from the time they said they were going to come out. 

Lets look back at: 

June Goals
  • read 5 books- yes
  • listen to 1 book- no
  • get my nails redone- yes
  • complete 4 week program 30 minutes a day- no
  • get photos done to 15000 (that includes from photos on vacation)- no

  • Date night for Brian and I- yes
  • celebrate Brian's dad's birthday- yes
  • celebrate my sisters birthday- yes
  • celebrate my birthday- yes
  • enjoy vacation- yes
  • start reading Harry Potter to the kids- no
  • family movie night- yes
  • family game night- no
  • schedule dentist appointments- no
  • haircuts before vacation- yes
  • start back up 100 days of brave with Ella- no
  • get in a routine with the kids being home- no
  • have a fun lunch once a week- yes


  • finish 1/2 bath- no
  • finish removing wallpaper from stairs- no
  • organize kids bathroom drawers- no
  • organize mudroom for summer-yes

1000 hours outside- June 108 

Apple rings closed- 
Move goal 450cal  hit 21 days
Exercise goal 30 minutes hit 10 days
Stand goal 12 hours hit 28 days

I did not do well last month with anything. We did have a fun end of the school year and a wonderful vacation. 

July Goals

I am struggling with getting all the things done and having a more relaxed summer. This months goals is a lot more relaxed than normal. 


  • read 5 books
  • read 1 personal development
  • get back into mindset morning (even if not in the morning)
  • have a girls date
  • complete bodi 3 week challenge, 5 days a week


  • celebrate Anna's birthday
  • celebrate Austin's birthday
  • celebrate 4th of July
  • host Austin and Anna birthday party
  • go on a date with Brian
  • plan a playdate
  • check more items off summer bucket list
  • teach Austin to ride bike without training wheels
  • family game night
  • family movie night
  • go out to breakfast or dinner
  • get outside as much as possible


  • start looking for a desk for Austin's room
  • start purging basement
  • sell toys in basement
  • make room in basement for MYX bike
What are your goals for July?
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  1. Good luck with all your goals for the month. I'm trying to cross some things off my summer bucket list.

    I love that you can use the tree stump as a mini table! LOL

    Lauren @ www.shootingstarsmag.net

  2. Hooray for more date nights! That is what summer evenings are made for....well, that a soft serve ice cream!!:)


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